These Baby Bunnies Think This Golden Retriever Is Their Mom And The Dog Is Loving It

I’ll be honest: I’m a sucker for animals. Big ones, small ones, fluffy ones, bald ones – you name it, I love it. I especially love when different animals interact and take a liking to one another, especially when they wouldn’t normally be put together. Take, for instance, these baby bunnies. They’re absolutely convinced that a golden retriever named Bailey is their mom, and the big guy was all too happy to oblige them.

Bailey is YouTube famous. He has more than 100,000 subscribers on the video streaming site and regularly appears in clips with his owner and with other animals. It’s clear that he’s super friendly and loving to all creatures, so it’s no surprise that he took a liking to the baby bunnies right away (and vice versa).

The baby bunnies were crazy about him. After being introduced to Bailey, the bunnies immediately came over to give him kisses, to hop around him, and to generally give him lots of love and affection. While rabbits can often be timid and get scared easily, these little ones could tell right away that they were in safe hands with Bailey, and they couldn’t have been more right.

Bailey made sure to give them lots of love. He patiently allowed the bunnies to hop and sniff around him before letting them curl up for a little cuddle and a nap all nice and cozy. It’s so precious to see how gentle he is with them and how relaxed the bunnies are despite how much bigger than them he is. Animals are truly too good for this world!!

You can catch more adventures with Bailey on his YouTube channel. There, you can see him hanging out with other dogs and cats, meeting new friends, and being his funny, friendly self. Check it out – you’ll thank me later!

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