These Baby Grinch Dolls Will Make A Great Addition To Your Christmas Decor

I don’t care if it’s only the end of August, in my book, it’s time to prep for Christmas. I’m already blasting the holiday tunes and I’m daydreaming about my tree and other decorations this year. One thing I’m most certainly adding to the collection is a few of these Baby Grinch dolls because hello, have you seen them? They’re adorable AND seasonal!

It comes with its own Christmas outfit and blanket! Don’t worry, you’re not going to get sent a naked Baby Grinch doll – the one you order is what you’ll receive, complete with seasonal outfit and baby blanket. Thank goodness for that!

They’re made to order so each one is pretty unique. While Etsy seller WorblaCrafts does have a standard Baby Grinch head she uses, each one is hand-painted to create a vivid, high-quality toy/collectible. You also don’t know which outfit yours will be wearing until it comes, which adds an extra element of fun.

They’re 18 inches long, so just about the size of a real newborn! “Fuzzy faux fur hair. Comes with its own Christmas outfit and baby blanket. 18 inches long. Cloth Weighted body. Head, hands, and feet handmade in semi-rigid solid plastic,” the item description reads. In other words, your Baby Grinch will be just like other baby dolls, which is awesome.

Unsurprisingly, these little guys are super popular. As Jenna Pavlic, owner of WorblaCrafts, explains in the item description, Baby Grinch dolls have been incredibly popular this year and she’s already working on orders for October. If you order today, you’re looking at about a six-week wait for yours, which thankfully still means it’ll get there in plenty of time for Christmas.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting my order in ASAP. While they are a bit expensive at $300 each, considering they’re hyper-realistic and all hand-made, that seems pretty reasonable to me. Plus, you can use it every Christmas for years to come and even pass it down to other people in the family. Get yours from WorblaCrafts on Etsy HERE.

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