Baby Born With Luxurious Full Head Of Hair Gets Modeling Gig

Chanco was born in Japan only a year ago, but in that time, she’s not only garnered nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram but she’s also just landed a modeling contract with Procter and Gamble in her native country. What’s so special about her, you might ask? The fact that she was born with such a luxurious head of hair!

Yes, Chanco’s hair has been LAID since birth. If you can believe it, she was actually born with a head of hair normally seen on a child much older, and it’s beautiful! It’s no wonder she’s already becoming a model despite not even being old enough to speak.

Chanco’s hair just kept growing with her. If you can believe it, now that she’s a year old, Chanco has even MORE hair and it’s even more incredible than it was when she was born. Her parents generously share snapshots of her now infamous ‘do on a regular basis on social media and man, I have serious hair envy.

She’s even been in a commercial for Pantene. I mean, if anything is going to make me want to buy some shampoo, it’s thinking that I can have a head of hair like Chanco’s… even though I’m literally 35 years older than her. Hey, it could happen, right?

Here’s hoping Chanco’s hair serves her well in future! She stands to make a ton of money from modeling, so that’s a pretty good start! Hopefully her career in modeling – if that’s what she wants to do, of course – continues to grow (no pun intended). And if it doesn’t, here’s hoping that she gets to do whatever she wants in life with that glorious mane flowing behind her the whole time. In the meantime, hopefully her parents will keep sharing photos of her adorable head of hair for as long as possible.

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