This ‘Baby Shark’ Vacuum For Kids Cleans The Floor While Singing The Classic Song

Whether you have kids or not, there was no escaping the craze of “Baby Shark” when it came out. The ultra repetitive and obnoxious yet oddly catchy children’s song was a massive hit and became one of the most successful YouTube videos of all time. While the craze has certainly died down, it hasn’t gone away entirely. In fact, Amazon is selling a “Baby Shark” vacuum* for kids that not only cleans the floor but plays the song over and over. Sounds like fun…

  1. The toy replica will get your kids involved with the housework. While it’s only strong enough suction-wise to pick up small debris, the “Baby Shark” vacuum is a cool way to get your little ones involved with cleaning up, which can only be a good thing. However, you’ll have to decide how much your sanity matters here given that it sings the song repeatedly.
  2. It doesn’t just sing, it lights up. In addition to singing “Baby Shark” over and over again, this kids’ vacuum also has lights for extra fun. It can pivot around a room just like a real vacuum and it’s the kind of thing kids will absolutely love. Better yet, there are no cords – it runs on a rechargeable battery (which means when it runs out you might be able to pretend it’s broken for a little while, at least).
  3. It gets pretty good reviews on Amazon. The “Baby Shark” vacuum has 242 ratings on Amazon with an average of four stars, which is pretty solid. The biggest complaints seem to be that the suction isn’t all that great, but given that this is primarily a toy rather than a cleaning device, I don’t think that’s too bad. Most reviewers do agree that kids love it, though, so if you’re looking for a great gift for your little one, this is a good choice.
  4. Better yet, it’s not that expensive. You can get your own for around $36 via Amazon, though the price does tend to fluctuate a few bucks here and there depending on the seller. A total steal for a kids toy that’ll drive you nuts, right?

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