Amazon Is Selling Collectible Baby Yoda Toys, So Prepare To Empty Your Bank Account

Baby Yoda is all the rage right now. He’s little, green, and totally adorable and it seems like none of us can get enough of him. Amazon has picked up on the trend and decided to give us the best gift of all: Baby Yoda collectible toys that we can keep and coo over forevermore.

baby yoda toysAmazon

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There are three different sets. Each set of Baby Yoda toys comes with two little figurines of the little one being his adorable self. One set features a wide-eyed Baby Yoda begging you not to leave as well as one holding a ball and wanting to play. Another set has a Baby Yoda sipping soup and one wrapped up in a blanket, while the final one has Baby Yoda eating a frog and one trying to use the Force. Which one do you need? All of them, of course.

These are official Disney merchandise. While sometimes you find merch for shows/characters that don’t have the official blessing of the creators, that’s not the case here. These are fully licensed products from the Disney Plus series The Mandalorian and are part of the Star Wars: The Bounty Collection: The Child collection.

At $15.99 each, they’re a total steal. Each set of two Baby Yoda toys will run you $15.99, which means you can get all six for less than $50, making them a great gift for the Star Wars fan in your life or great collectible items for your own collection, if that’s your thing.

Unfortunately, you’ll be waiting for them for awhile. The Baby Yoda toys aren’t being released until May 25, 2020, so while you can pre-order them now, they won’t be shipped out to you until then. Still, it’s worth reserving yours in advance to ensure you get them. After all, Baby Yoda is so cute that they’re bound to sell out. Get yours on Amazon HERE.

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