Bacardi’s Delicious New Canned Cocktails Come In Mojito, Sunset Punch, And Bahama Mama Flavors

Bacardi started killing the canned cocktail game back in 2020 when they released their first range of Real Rum-infused drinks that were perfect for warmer weather. Their classic Lime & Soda, Limon & Lemonade, and Rum Punch flavors were a huge hit with consumers, and while they’re still just as tasty as ever, Bacardi is stepping up their game this summer with three all-new canned cocktail flavors you’ll want to drink all day (and night!) long.

  1. The new flavors just scream summer. Bacardi’s new canned cocktail flavors for 2021 include Mojito, Sunset Punch, and Bahama Mama. All three of these are classic cocktails that I’m sure we’ve all ordered at the bar once or twice before. Being able to get ready-to-drink versions, and in a variety pack to boot, is not only convenient, it’s downright genius.
  2. All three flavors sound downright delicious. The Mojito is exactly what you’d expect: sharp lime and mint combined with smooth rum. Meanwhile, the Sunset Punch combines blood orange, lemon, and ginger notes and the Bahama Mama also has orange but adds in notes of red berries and pineapple. I really can’t decide which I’m most excited to try.
  3. All of the cocktails are made with Bacardi Superior. Only top quality rum is involved in these drinks, so you’ll get the same Bacardi taste you know and love with these. Not only that, but they’re all gluten-free and contain no artificial sweeteners. Each can has an ABV of 5.9% which is totally respectable.
  4. Bacardi is confident that fans of the brand will absolutely love these new flavors. “The launch of BACARDí Real Rum Canned Cocktails last year far exceeded our expectations, and with the popularity of the Rum Punch flavor in particular, we wanted to expand our range with more full-flavored options,” Lisa Pfenning, vice president, BACARDí North America, said in a press release. “We have seen people consistently reach for canned cocktails this past year, whether they are looking for light, crisp serves like the Lime & Soda or something bright and fruity like the Rum Punch.”
  5. The new flavors are available now. Bacardi has made the Bahama Mama and Mojito varieties available in their own four-pack fans for about $12.99, but if you want to try the Sunset Punch, you’ll have to grab the new variety pack for $16.99, which also includes the original Rum Punch. If you don’t want to leave the house, you can grab a few variety packs online over at Drizly. Happy drinking!
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