Bae, Baby, Boo: Science Says Pet Names Improve Your Relationship

We’ve all rolled our eyes at couples who have seemingly forgotten each other’s names and tend to refer to one another only as “Boo,” “Baby,” or some other cringe-worthy pet name. Maybe we’re even guilty of it ourselves. Well, don’t feel too bad—science says these terms of endearment are probably a good thing for our relationships.

It’s official: the majority of couples love pet names.

A new study performed by Superdrug Online Doctor revealed that a whopping 87% of Americans say they use pet names, as do 74% of Europeans. Just goes to show that no matter where you’re from, being cutesy with your S.O. is in.

Using pet names makes your relationship happier.

In fact, the results revealed that those who do call each other babe, baby, etc. tend to be 16% happier than those who stick with the names on each other’s birth certificates. It sort of makes sense if you think about it—these little names increase our intimacy and comfort for one another and demonstrate our affection, and that feels good.

Not all terms of endearment are created equal.

The study also uncovered which names are pretty universally the worst, with “Papi” being hated the most—by 73% of respondents, in fact. In second place was “Daddy” with 72% and “sweet cheeks” came third with 66%… but does anyone really call their partner “sweet cheeks” seriously? Yikes.

Men are more likely to use pet names.

I know, shocker, right? Results revealed that of the 1,000 couples surveyed, 85% of men used these terms compared to a still impressive 76% of women. According to the study experts, this is because the increased intimacy of pet names leads to more meaningful sex.

Whatever name you use, if you and your partner love it, go for it.

I mean, maybe keep your “schnookums” and “sweetiepie” gushing behind closed doors, but whatever you call each other, what matters most is that you’re happy together. If it works for you, who cares what anyone else thinks?

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