Baileys’ New Deliciously Light Version Has 40% Fewer Calories And Sugar Than The Original

Baileys’ New Deliciously Light Version Has 40% Fewer Calories And Sugar Than The Original Baileys

While I don’t necessarily fixate on calories when I decide to enjoy a nice drink, I also realize I’m not getting any younger and I need to pay more attention to what I’m putting into my body. I love a glass of Baileys with some ice, but now that there’s Baileys Deliciously Light, I’ll feel a little better about pouring a little more from the bottle after I’ve downed my first one. Seriously, this is good stuff.

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  1. Baileys Deliciously Light has 40% fewer calories and less sugar than the original. It tastes pretty much exactly like the original Baileys Irish Cream, it just has less sugar and fewer calories for those who are following a diet or just trying to watch their intake. Those same flavors of cream, vanilla, and cocoa are still there, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.
  2. It still packs a nice alcoholic punch too. Just because it’s a bit healthier doesn’t mean you’ll get any less tipsy from it. Baileys Deliciously Light still has an ABV of 16.1% to the Original’s 17%, so nothing has changed in that regard. While you probably don’t drink Baileys to get drunk, there’s nothing wrong with a light buzz.
  3. It’ll be available in two sizes. You’ll be able to grab this version of Baileys in a 50ml bottle as well as a larger 750ml bottle. Obviously 50ml is not nearly enough, but if you want to sample it before you commit to a larger bottle, that’s your prerogative!
  4. This drink is just starting to hit store shelves. You can find out more about Baileys Deliciously Light on the brand’s website and it’s even up for purchase on Drizly if you want to get some now and can’t find it at your local store. However, it should be rolling out in more locations soon, so keep your eyes peeled.
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