Balenciaga And Crocs Teamed Up To Make The Ugliest But Most Comfortable Stiletto In Heel History Balenciaga

Balenciaga And Crocs Teamed Up To Make The Ugliest But Most Comfortable Stiletto In Heel History

Crocs are known for being incredibly comfy but hideously ugly, while Balenciaga makes high-end fashion footwear that’s guaranteed to cause you pain and probably a few bunions. That is, I guess, why some madman decided that a collaboration between the two brands was a good idea and created the Balenciaga x Crocs stiletto that will make you go, “Huh?” and then probably “Why, God Why?” the minute you see it.

My brain wasn’t prepared for this. I don’t think I ever would have considered a high-heeled Croc before and for good reason: it’s a terrible idea. If you’re someone who likes wearing high heels, you probably expect some level of discomfort or at least a a decent level of fashion-forwardness. If you’re wearing Crocs, you likely don’t give a damn how they look, you just want your feet to be supported. Putting the two together just seems a bizarre choice.

They’re available in three colors. If you are intrigued by Balenciaga’s collab with Crocs, which was masterminded by Creative Director Demna GVasalia, you’ll be able to grab them in green, gray, or black. Take your choice!

There’s also a knee-high clog version. If heels aren’t your bag but you still want in on this, you might be interested in the two brands’ knee-high clogs, which also come in three colors, HypeBeast reports.

So far, no word on when the “Balenciaga Clones” collection will be available to purchase. It’s part of the brand’s Spring 2022 offering, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re desperate to get your hands on these. I guarantee you’ll never have anything else like it in your collection (thank God).

While these are definitely not my bag, they are actually a lot of fun and do show off the brands’ sense of humor and whimsy, so I’m actually totally in support of them… I just wouldn’t wear them!

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