Bar Introduces ‘Johnny Depp Shot’ To Help Men Who Feel Unsafe Get Help

Bar Introduces ‘Johnny Depp Shot’ To Help Men Who Feel Unsafe Get Help nastasic

A bar has introduced a ‘Johnny Depp Shot’ for men who feel unsafe to order so that they can get help. The unknown establishment put up a sign revealing the way men can discreetly let staff know if they’re in danger, instructing patrons: “Feeling unsafe or scared, just come to the bar and order a Johnny Depp shot.”

  1. There are three different versions of the shot. According to the sign, when you order the Johnny Depp Shot, you’ll need to clarify what you’re looking for. If you order your shot neat, a member of staff at the bar will escort you out safely. If you order it on the rocks, staff will call a taxi for you. However, if you order it with lime, bar staff will call the police.
  2. The bar promises to handle things “discreetly and without fuss.” While some men might be embarrassed to order the Johnny Depp Shot or come forward as they don’t want to make a scene, the bar promises that won’t be the case and that they’ll make sure things are kept undercover.
  3. The Johnny Depp Shot is a take on the Angel Shot. The Angel Shot was developed to help women who feel uncomfortable while at the bar. “Angel shots are becoming more common and more known throughout all bars and it’s being brought to bartenders’ attention,” said TikTok user Benji Spears in a video about the initiative. “OK so an angel shot is key, it can save you or your best friend’s life and it’s something we should all know about.” The Johnny Depp shot has obviously simply been modified for men.
  4. The Johnny Depp shot has plenty of fans. The initiative is getting a lot of attention on social media, with one Twitter user remarking: “This is awesome! Finally we are seeing equal help for male victims. Wish I had this so many times in my life.” Another added: “This is so incredible and why it’s important that he stood up and we continue to spread awareness for the issues he brought to light.”
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