Battery-Operated Heated Underwear Are Here To Keep Your Nethers Warm This Winter

As someone who gets cold easily when the temperature drops below about 75F, I’m all about layering up in winter and hitting up hot water bottles, sherpa-lined slippers, and… heated underwear? I didn’t realize the latter was a thing but now that I know it is, I’m ready to order them ASAP.

Read on to hear more about QQA’s battery-operated underwear for winter, and please be aware that Bolde may make a small percentage when you purchase through the link provided, which helps us to continue to bring you great content.

  1. They’re battery-operated so you can take them anywhere. That means you don’t have to worry about plugging yourself up to the main electrics of the house (which would be pretty scary) and you can take these anywhere. The battery life is apparently about 12 hours, which isn’t too shabby!
  2. The temperature is adjustable. According to the product description, these underwear have 5 levels which will bring your nethers to temperatures ranging from 37 ° C to 50 ° C, or 98.6° F to 122° F. Steamy!
  3. It’s great for cramps as well. If you suffer from a lot of abdominal cramps before or during your period or you have a digestive disorder that causes painful cramping and bloating, QQA’s heated underwear can help with that too! We all know what a godsend hot water bottles can be, but if you’re not at home and need some relief on the go, heated underwear are a great option.
  4. They’re made of bamboo charcoal fiber. According to QQA, the makers of the underwear, the bamboo fabric is moisture-wicking, fast drying, and easy to wash. You can remove the battery to wash them as you would any normal pair of underwear before popping it back in and using them as normal.
  5. They’re not exactly cheap, admittedly. A pair of heated underwear will run you about $53, which is pretty expensive, but if you consider the benefits—toasty warm private parts, anyone?—it’s seriously worth it, especially for people like me who spend November – April pretty much shivering 24/7.

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