How To Be The Kind Of Woman Guys Can’t Resist

It’s easy to think that you have to be what you assume a man wants by looking or acting a certain way, but that’s BS. Go deeper — focus on the personality-related and behavioral traits that would appeal to you and stop worrying about what guys like! A man might not be able to resist these things, but you should be doing them for yourself.

  1. Give meaningful compliments. You know how it can make your day to receive a genuine compliment. I’m not talking about being told you’re sexy (yawn) for the umpteenth time, but focus on those compliments that are tailored to your uniqueness. If you like the guy, tell him what’s amazing about him, not just about his abs or hair. You’ll be so much more memorable in that way.
  2. Have your own life. I can’t say it enough: it’s so important to do your own thing and live your own life rather than building an existence around a guy. Love isn’t about two halves meeting but two complete people meeting and making history. Live your life to its fullest right now regardless of your relationship status. There’s nothing sexier.
  3. Be a bit of a challenge. I’m not saying you should play games with the guy — that’s never a good idea — but guys do like a challenge. If you make things way too easy for him, he’ll get bored. Wouldn’t you? Instead of laughing at his every joke and hanging on his every word, let him make a bit more effort to win your heart. You’re on a higher level. Let him stretch to reach you instead of lying on the floor so he can easily scoop you up. You know yourself that when you work for something, it feels more valuable.
  4. Don’t be too available to him. Stop checking your phone every five seconds for his texts when you should be out with your girls. Don’t erase chunks of your schedule so he can be in your life. When you make yourself too available, you basically wear an invisible sign that says, “I’ll do whatever you want.” It’s not cool. Plus, it just makes you miss out on your fabulous life.
  5. Have self-confidence. It sounds like a total cliche but it’s true: when someone’s confident, this is what gives them that x-factor. They might not be the most attractive person in the room, but that means nothing in the face of confidence. If you’re not confident, fake it a little while you learn how to boost your self-confidence so it’s legit.
  6. Spread some positive energy. This isn’t about smiling, and God help any man who tells a woman she needs to smile more. This is about how he feels when he’s around you. If you’re a walking black cloud who’s always moaning about negative things that are happening to you, he won’t want to be around you. Who would? If you’re an escape from the droll of life, that’ll get his attention. Note: this isn’t about faking being cheerful or trying to be the laugh-along girl. This is about that inner optimism that makes you focus on what’s good about life instead of getting stuck in the crappy stuff.
  7. Know what you want. Is there anything sexier than someone who knows what they want, what they don’t want, and where they’re going? You should be finding out this stuff for yourself, not for a guy. That being said, there’s no doubt a guy who sees this in you will be drawn to you.
  8. Show off your intelligence. Never make yourself seem less knowledgeable than you are. Never dumb yourself down. It’s not attractive to try to be what you think he wants. A man of quality won’t want to be with someone like that, so if you’re trying to be less smart to impress the guy you’re with, be smart enough to let him go.
  9. Show him that sparkle in your eye. No, I’m not talking about eye makeup tips to make your eyes brighter. I’m talking about letting him see what makes you crazy in a good way. What gets you up in the morning and makes you feel alive? When you share your passions with him, he’ll see just how interesting and attractive you are.
  10. Give him a hard time. I don’t mean you should bust his balls just for the sake of it, but sometimes what you might think you need to do with a guy you like is treat him differently from other guys in your life. This can make sense to a point. I mean, you don’t want to treat him like a platonic male friend. However, don’t be precious with him. Be playful and tease him when the opportunity arises. He’ll love it.


Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.