This Beach Chair Lets Ladies With Big Boobs Lounge Comfortably All Summer Long

For women with big boobs, laying face-down on the beach while trying to get an even tan is pretty much a no-no. It’s super uncomfortable, sometimes to the point of being unbearable, and that’s really annoying. Well, it seems like one company actually had us well-endowed ladies in mind when they created the Ostrich Chair, a beach chair with a special place just for sizeable chests that will keep them from getting squished. Where has this been all my life?!

ostrich chair

  1. The design is genius. At first glance, the Ostrich Chair just looks like a standard beach chair in vibrant hot pink. Then you notice the little mint-colored patch and you’re like, “Wait, what’s this?” That’s where you put your boobs when you lie face-down so they don’t get smashed!
  2. The flexible material stretches to fit you. Instead of being made of the same rigid material as the rest of the chair, the small mint-colored patch is made from flexible material that lets you rest the girls inside and it stretches to fit. Voila – no pain!
  3. It’s a functional beach chair in general too. The Ostrich Chair may make concessions for those of us with large chests, but it’s also just a really nice beach lounger in general. That means if you have no plans to do any tanning or napping on the beach, you can bring this along to hang out on.
  4. You definitely need one for your next day out. The Ostrich Chair is available at loads of major retailers including Walmart, Amazon, and Target. They cost about $70 and are worth every penny, for sure.
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