This Beach Lounger Turns Into A Wagon And It Needs To Be Summer Again NOW

Doesn’t it seem likely only yesterday when you were laying on the beach, SPF 50+ slathered all over you (hey, some of us are super pale and burn easily!) as the waves crashed along the shore? Maybe you even carted an umbrella and a lounge chair out with you in a wagon if you were planning to stay the whole day. Next year, you can head out with a beach chair that turns into a wagon and seriously lighten your load.

Read on to find out more about the Mac Sports Beach Day Lounger and please be aware that purchasing through the links we provide may mean we make a small profit on the sale, which we then use to bring you more great content.

Who doesn’t love a 2-in-1 product? I don’t know about you, but I love things that can be other things too. As long as both (or all, if there’s more than one additional function) things work equally well and as they should, I’m all for packing the biggest punch in the smallest package. This beach lounger does exactly that.

You can carry your beach stuff inside your chair. Because this turns into a wagon, you can throw in your towel, beach pails, some drinks and snacks, blankets, etc. right into it and then unpack and unfold once you get to your desired place on the sand.

It folds up small so it’s easy to store. That means if you wanted to grab one now, you could pop it in the closet until next summer hits without it taking up too much room. In fact, in under five seconds, it folds to be under 10 inches. It fully locks when folded up and even has a handle to make it easier to move.

It’s made to last. The frame is made of aluminum and the fabric is easy-to-clean and made of a blend of nylon and polyester. And, for a little over $120, it’s a great investment if you’re someone who likes to spend all your summer days in the sun. It has super positive reviews and people seem to love it, so if the beach is your summer home, you might too.

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