These Beautiful Animal Candles Melt Down To Reveal Their Skeletons Underneath

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a candle freak. I love lighting up my favorite jars and letting their scent fill the room while watching the wax melt and pool around the flame. What can I say? I find it relaxing. And while I already have a pretty sizeable collection, I’m going to have to add some more because these PyroPets candles* that melt to reveal a skeleton beneath the wax are just too cool.

On the surface, they look just like regular candles. Of course, they’re visually pretty neat because of their unique geometric shapes and beautiful colors. Available in a variety of animal shapes like a unicorn, dragon, and cat just to name a few, they seem like cool candles but nothing special. In reality, they are.

Once the animal melts down, its skeleton lies beneath. PyroPets candles are so unique because once the wax melts away, you’re not left with an empty jar or nothing at all. Instead, you get a metal skeleton of the animal it once was that you can keep and display. How awesome is that?!

They were created by Icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir. She was studying at the Royal College of Art in London back in 2011 when the idea came to her. After displaying the cat candles at art shows, where they were increasingly popular, she decided to launch a Kickstarter to begin making the candles at a larger scale. That’s how PyroPets was born!

Pyropets candles would make the perfect gift for those who appreciate special works of art. Not only are the candles themselves incredible but they’re packaged beautifully and ready to be given as a thoughtful and unique gift to anyone you know who appreciates this kind of beauty. You can buy yours on Amazon for $34 each HERE.

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