Beer Yoga Is Exactly What It Sounds Like And You Need To Try It

There are two types of people: those who relax by doing something physical like a nice long yoga session, and those whose idea of chilling out includes a beer or six. Well, why not combine the two in a whole new totally relaxing way? After all, beer yoga is a real thing.

  1. It’s actually called bieryoga. That’s because the trend started in Berlin, Germany, after creator Jhula, who’s a yoga instructor, noticed people doing beer yoga while attending Burning Man in 2015 (of course). Jhula started offering bieryoga classes in German and recently added English language options in his native country, according to Ex Berliner.
  2. It’s a traveling yoga party. Instead of only hosting beer yoga sessions in a stationary studio, Bieryoga is actually a traveling booze/spiritualization festival that pops up at “bars, birthday parties, festivals, and in the great outdoors,” according to their website. Pretty cool!
  3. The classes are pretty cheap too. If you do get to hit up a beer yoga class with the company, you can expect to pay between $6 and $7, which is pretty cheap since not only do you get a yoga session but you also get free beer while doing it. (Unfortunately, the quantity is not unlimited – a bottle is all you get.)
  4. The trend should be hitting the US soon. You can already have a similar experience in Salem, Oregon, where Yoga + Beer hosts sessions in an actual brewery, which is pretty sweet. However, you don’t actually drink and balance the beer while you’re doing yoga. Instead, you enjoy the beverage after your yoga session is done, which is semi-lame.
  5. Hopefully more places in America will catch on with this trend. It’s one of the most genius ideas I’ve heard in a long time and I’m shocked no one has started up a business for it prior to now. Tickets would sell like hotcakes AND people would get fit while enjoying their fav IPA. Where’s the downside?

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