Before You Fall Too Hard For Him, Make Sure You’re Actually Dating A Grown Man

When you’re a grown woman, it doesn’t take long for you to figure out what you really want out of a relationship… and chances are, you don’t want to end up dating an immature child trapped in a man’s body. Here are some ways you’ll know whether you’re dating a grown man or just another silly boy:

  1. Men avoid drama; boys play games. A man will apologize and take ownership if he makes a mistake and work to gain your forgiveness. Boys will make excuses and place the blame elsewhere. In fact, a boy might even get pleasure out of hurting you.
  2. Men will respect you all the time; boys respect you when they want something. Men will not only respect you as their partner, but also as a human in general. They won’t do anything to make you feel foolish. A boy will show respect when he is after something, like sex or attention.
  3. Men will trust you; boys get jealous. No grown man will spend his time acting jealous. He’s proud, and he already knows you’re a catch, so it’s no surprise to him that other men are interested in you. A boy will ask to check your phone, ask you to change your clothes, and might even start a fight or cause a scene on a night out. He just won’t be able to handle how other men look at you.
  4. Men aren’t constantly hungry for attention; boys think it’s all about them. Men will understand that you have your own life and a busy schedule. It’s not all about them, and they get that. Instead of throwing a tantrum when you’re doing your own thing, they’ll cherish the quality time you do spend together. Boys will be upset that you’re always working or have other plans, and they’ll feel like you’re not paying enough attention to them.
  5. Men will take care of themselves; boys need an extra mother figure. A man will be able to take care of himself both domestically and financially. He’ll understand that the woman he’s dating isn’t there to clean up after him, do his laundry, and cook him every meal. A boy will expect a woman to take care of him like his mother did.
  6. Men will say what they mean; boys will say what you want to hear. You’ll be able to have real, honest, and sometimes difficult conversations with a man. He’ll tell you the truth about how he’s feeling, and he’ll always have your best interests in mind. A boy will say anything to make you smile, whether it’s true or not.
  7. Men have future goals; boys look at what’s convenient right now. A man will make plans for his future, whether that involves his career or his relationships. He’ll do whatever it takes while keeping his goal in mind, even if it sucks. A boy will look at what’s working right now, and as soon as things get bad, he’ll be moving on to what’s next
  8. Men have careers; boys have jobs. A boy will look for the “get rich quick” gimmick every time rather than committing to a long term position. A man will plan his career, save money, and be able to provide for himself and his family.
  9. Men value their families; boys have other priorities. A man will work to earn the trust from your family. He’ll not only love and respect you, but also the people who are most important to you because he knows how important his family is to him. A boy doesn’t believe that spending time with his or your family is important, and he’ll probably put off meeting your parents for as long as he can.
  10. Men want the whole package in a woman; boys just want a living doll. A man won’t only love you for your beauty, but your mind and soul as well. He’s interested in gaining your trust, helping you achieve long term goals, and making you happy. A boy will only be looking for some nice arm candy that laughs at his jokes and knows when to keep quiet.
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