10 Ways Being Hypersensitive Actually Helps You In Life And Love

Being hypersensitive is often seen as a flaw. People assume you spend lots of time crying and have a super thin skin, but why are those things considered weaknesses? Here are just a few benefits of being highly in tune with your emotions.

  1. Your intuition is highly accurate. You seem to just know what the next best thing for you to do is. You’re not a mind reader – you can only take action in your own life. If you’re unhappy at a job, you can sense when it’s time for you to go. This also applies to relationships. You can often tell very easily if someone is a good fit or not. The challenge comes in listening to your intuition.
  2. You’re extremely self-aware. You’re highly sensitive when it comes to the world, but also when it comes to your inner workings. You’re plugged into your emotions and feelings in ways that not everyone is. You’re willing to take a look at what’s going on inside of yourself. This allows you to be aware of your triggers as well as your flaws, enabling you to grow infinitely.
  3. You’re incredibly empathetic. You often find yourself taking on other people’s emotions. You have to learn to have boundaries because of it. You can get a deep sense of what they’re feeling and naturally, it helps you to have more empathy and understanding about what they’re going through. Like when someone is experiencing grief, you can feel it in your bones and have an idea of how much the other person is hurting.
  4. You’re great at practicing self-care. You’re good at it because you’ve had to learn the hard way. You’ve burnt out and then realized that you need to take proper care of yourself, so you have self-care routines that you do on a daily basis to keep yourself sane and you take extra good care of yourself whenever you can. You know that you’re no good to the world or yourself unless you’ve had time to recharge.
  5. You have excellent concentration. You inherently live in the moment much of the time because your senses are being stimulated strongly. You tend to be a very good listener and good at remembering details of what goes on because you’re so tuned in. Your head can wander into the clouds like everyone else, but you’re often snapped back quickly because your senses are being stimulated.
  6. You notice some things others might miss. You pay close attention to everything and you’re constantly on alert. Because of this, you notice nuances in how people behave. As a result of this, you often can sense an untrustworthy person. You may notice other subtleties in life like flowers in the background or a smell coming from another room. You can’t help but be hyper-aware, so you’re constantly taking in stimuli.
  7. You process things deeply. You find meaning in everything. You’re constantly trying to learn lessons from whatever you deal with. In that way, you’re able to benefit from mistakes or failures. Your emotions are often very intense in response to other’s actions and opinions. You can’t help but feel things super deeply.
  8. You’re very considerate. You know the impact people have on one another and how much damage someone can do to another person if they aren’t careful. Because of this, You try to be gentle in your daily life. You do your best to be considerate of others, always intending to refrain from causing harm. You’re not perfect at it, but you’re more intentional than your average person.
  9. You can be very creative. Since you have so many feelings, they have to go somewhere. You use creativity to express yourself and let go of all that you’re holding inside. Your art tends to be intense, just like you, offering a lot to the world. You absorb lots of information around you, so you have a ton of things to work with in your creations.
  10. There are other HSPs that get you. You’re a special breed. When you meet each other, you have tons to talk about because it’s amazing to meet someone else who “gets it.” You can connect on a deep level pretty much immediately because you skip right over the small talk. You jump into talking about your feelings and your deepest fears. You make fast friends in another hyper-sensitive person.
Ginelle has been writing professionally for more than six years and has a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing & design. Her writing has appeared on Birdie, Thought Catalog, Tiny Buddha and more. You can follow her on Instagram @ginelletesta, via her Facebook page, or through her website at ginelletesta.com.