Being Impulsive Is A Good Thing, Even In a World That Tells Women Otherwise

Being Impulsive Is A Good Thing, Even In a World That Tells Women Otherwise ©iStock/g-shockstudio

Being impulsive is generally considered a negative trait. Impulsive people tend not to consider the consequences of their actions, think things through, or finish things they’ve started. That can be true in many cases, but there’s something to be said for those who can fly by the seat of their pants. There’s no need to completely stifle your impulsive side, however, as there are many beautiful benefits to your spontaneous personality.

  1. You go for what you want. You know what you want, and you go for it, with little hesitation. Being impulsive means there is little time for self-doubt and naysayers to stop you from chasing your dreams.
  2. You never miss out. It might hurt your bank account that you are always off on a spontaneous trip or going hard at the club on a whim, but you don’t miss out on good times. The comfort and security of a night in with Netflix is for cautious people. You go where the action is.
  3. You take risks. Nothing worth having comes without risk, and your lack of considering consequences makes taking risks that much easier. Planning and playing it safe can get in the way of accomplishments you would only achieve by taking gutsy chances.
  4. You don’t waste time. Impulsive people can’t wait to get going. There’s no lollygagging around wasting time that could be spent being productive.
  5. You’re adventurous. There’s not much between you finding something new moderately interesting and acting on it. New fancy restaurant opening up? You’re making reservations now. Pic of new vacation hot spot on IG? You’re already looking at flights. Heard a new song you’re obsessed with? You’re already rallying a crew to go to their next gig.
  6. You’re in touch with your feelings. You’re impulsive because you have strong feelings about what you want to do. Figuring out how you feel is something many other people spend a lot of time and energy trying to accomplish.
  7. You don’t get stuck in over planning. Cautious people can get bogged down in planning and end up never getting anything done. Sometimes they never even start. You might skip the planning stage entirely, but at least you don’t get trapped in it.
  8. You give things your all. You dive into everything head first. If you fail, no one can say it was because you didn’t give it your all.
  9. You have a great life story. It includes heartbreak, failures, and disorder, but also adventure, excitement, joy, and twists and turns. It’s unpredictable and beautiful. It’s the road less traveled.
  10. You have minimal regrets. You’ve probably heard that people regret the things they didn’t do more than the things they did do. Sure, you make mistakes and occasionally have messes to clean up, but you will never be the older person sitting around wondering what might have been if they’d only lived less cautiously.
Holly Harris is a freelance writer, full time student, and mommy to a toddler sass monster. In her (nearly nonexistent) free time, you can find her lifting something heavy in her home gym or chugging vodka sodas with friends. She contributes to several other sites, including Elite Daily.