Being Single For A Long-Ass Time Isn’t All Bad — There Are Some Silver Linings

Being single AF for what seems like an eternity isn’t exactly fun, especially when you’re someone who really enjoys being in a relationship. But luckily, it’s not all loneliness and terrible first dates. If you’re lamenting your single status, take some time to appreciate some of the benefits of not having a boyfriend:

  1. You Learn to Love Yourself Learning to love yourself is one of the most difficult tasks on the planet. When you’re not tied to anyone, you realize that happiness and validation come from you and you alone. So when you’re single for a long-ass time, you learn to look in the mirror and love what you see, and that’s pretty amazing.
  2. You Learn to Date Yourself No boy toy to take you out? No worries! You get to take yourself to dinner and a movie. Not only that, but you get to pick exactly what you want to do without having to worry about taking someone else’s desires into consideration.
  3. You Learn to Take Care of Yourself Independence is pretty amazing. When you have a significant other, you almost feel obligated to let them help you, but being alone means being resourceful AF and making it work. It’s amazing what you can get done when you learn to rely on yourself.
  4. You Tend To The Other Relationships In Your Life When someone needs a friend to help jump start their car on short notice, you volunteer because you actually have time to help. Your friends and family members shouldn’t be set aside just because you’re in a relationship anyway, but it’s admittedly easier to make time to spend with your loved ones when you don’t have a boyfriend to worry about.
  5. You Know Who You Actually Are Everyone always says you don’t know who you are or what you want when you’re young, but I beg to differ. While you’re single, you have all the time in the world to work on yourself. By the time you get into a relationship again, you’ll have no problem setting boundaries and laying out exactly what you want.
  6. You Learn to Stop Caring About What Others Want The single life teaches you to have tough skin. Sure, maybe you could eat better or dress better, but if that’s not what you want, then why bother? You can’t please everyone, so the only person you should really worry about impressing is yourself.
  7. You Can Do Whatever You Want Wake up at noon, grab a bottle of wine, and watch “Friends” all day. Why not? When you don’t have to worry about fitting your boyfriend into your schedule, all your free time is dedicated to whatever the hell you want to do.
  8. Grooming Is Optional Not shaving your legs for weeks (or months, if we’re being honest here) or surviving off dry shampoo for a straight week is no big deal when you don’t have to worry about a guy being all up in your personal space. As long as you maintain basic hygiene standards, you really don’t have to worry about impressing anyone… or scaring anyone off.
  9. You Don’t Have To Put Up With Drama Sharing your life with someone means taking on life together and getting into arguments. And unfortunately, that often means dealing with stupid relationship drama. It makes life a little more difficult and when you’re single you have no one’s drama to deal with but your own.
  10. You Get The Bed All To Yourself “I just want someone to cuddle with,” said every single girl ever. “I just want the bed all to myself,” said everyone in a relationship ever. Appreciate what you have, because one day you’ll miss being able to sleep spread-eagle without having to worry about someone stealing the covers. Oh, and let’s not forget how nice it is to not be woken up by someone else’s snoring in the middle of the night.
Tori is a recent college graduate trying to find her place in this world. She loves to travel (way too much), play volleyball, and practice her broken German when she isn't working as a safari specialist.