Being Single Is A Blessing, Not A Curse—I Have The Most Amazing Life

When I was younger, I thought you needed three things to have the perfect life: a career, friends, and the perfect partner. These days, I’m starting to think that there’s way too much hype about being coupled up and maybe being alone is a blessing in disguise. Here’s why I’m seeing the bright side of singlehood.

  1. Relationships are hard work. It hardly takes a genius to figure out that devoting yourself to another person is easier said than done. When it comes down to it, being in a relationship is about sacrifices. You sacrifice your wants, needs, time, energy, and money in the hopes that the other person will do the same. In the end, though, both people get a raw deal when the whole thing goes up in flames. maybe that’s cynical of me, but that’s how I feel.
  2. Self-love is the best love. Sure, it sounds cliche, but there’s only one type of love that you can count on in this world and that’s the love you get from yourself. When you decide to forgive all the BS mistakes you’ve made in the past and grant yourself a fresh start, your whole life can and will change for the better. Searching for someone out there to make me feel validated or “complete” isn’t what life’s all about. I already have everything I need to be happy and I plan on making the msot of it.
  3. There’s no better feeling than compete and total independence. Having the chance to stand on your own two feet and do things while relying on no one else is a blessing. I pay my own bills, run my own life, and I don’t need a guy around to do anything for me—I can do it all. On the rare occasions I do need help, I know I have an amazing family and friend group who are happy to chip in. Other than that, I’ve got this.
  4. I don’t have to consider anyone else. When I want to do something, I can go ahead and do it on my own schedule. I don’t have to consult with another person to make sure it’s not an inconvenience and they don’t mind. I can be unashamedly selfish and that’s a beautiful thing. I love that I’m not held back from living my best life by anything or anyone.
  5. Every day is a new discovery of the world around me. When you’re in a relationship, you ultimately end up exploring things together. It’s its own kind of fulfillment, sure, but I prefer going my own way. Whether it’s watching a new show, listening to a new band, trying a new type of food or visiting a new city, the world is my oyster. I’m discovering new things about myself and the world every day and it feels great.
  6. There’s nothing better than literal Netflix and chill. Screw “Netflix and chill” being shorthand for sex. This is a legit pastime and we really don’t need to muddy the waters with insinuations. Sometimes I just want to sit in front of the TV with some pizza and binge watch seasons full of my favorite shows without a care in the world.
  7. I can romance myself, thanks very much. Romance doesn’t just have to be exclusive to a romantic relationship. I may not have a partner but my life isn’t short on romance—I just offer it to myself. I buy myself thoughtful gifts like flowers and chocolates, light candles around the house as I run myself a bath, and generally luxuriate in the little things.
  8. I don’t have to deal with drama. Even the best relationships aren’t without their own share of drama, so there’s no use pretending that they’re all sunshine, roses, and stolen kisses. There’s a real side to relationships we all ignore—I’m talking about the arguments, bickering, and constantly trying your hardest not to hurt the other person’s feelings. I’m pretty happy that I don’t have to ever worry about that.
  9. I’m alone but I’m definitely not lonely. Just because I’m not in a relationship doesn’t mean my life lacks substance or meaning. I’m not lonely or desperate, I’m making the most of my solo time to figure out what I want in life and how to get there. I’m secure enough to take time to myself to cement who I am. It took me a long time to realize that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me, but now that I know, I refuse to believe otherwise.
Charlotte is a freelance writer who's addicted to binge-watching TV, drinking far too much coffee, and writing articles.