Being Single Long-Term Will Make You A Great Girlfriend Someday

Being Single Long-Term Will Make You A Great Girlfriend Someday ©iStock/kupicoo

Practice makes perfect, but when it comes to being in relationship, sitting on the sidelines can teach you just as much about yourself as being coupled up. In fact, sometimes not being in a relationship gives you exactly the time and space you need to really grow confident in yourself. Here are some reasons being single for a long time means that you’ll make a great girlfriend someday:

  1. You’ll get into a relationship for the right reasons. When you make the choice to stay single for a period of time, not just any guy is going to be able to change your mind. You probably have some pretty high standards and you’ll recognize the person who can meet them when you see it.
  2. You get to observe other relationships. When you’re single, looking at other people’s relationships can be pretty fascinating. It’s always easier to see what’s right and wrong when you’re on the outside and don’t have an emotional connection to the outcome.
  3. You have time to figure out who you are. When you’re single, you’re rolling solo in a certain sense, so there’s no one around to appease or meet halfway on decisions. At some point, you might want that, but for now it means that you’re in charge of all of your decision making, and you get a lot of practice making up your mind.
  4. You’ll truly appreciate a relationship. When you’re single for a long time, you’re not going to take a guy for granted when you start dating him. You have an awareness about how special a relationship really is and that’s reflected in your desire to respect and honor it once it arrives in your life.
  5. You realize that you’re awesome as you are. Without a man, you might not have someone telling you how smart and pretty you are every day (or maybe you do!), but you might also realize that your opinion about yourself is what really matters. That confidence won’t waver when you get into a great relationship; it can only grow from there.
  6. You learn to trust yourself. When you’re fully in charge of your decisions, you can’t blame anyone else for your mistakes or bummer moments. You learn pretty quickly that taking responsibility is the fastest way to clean things up and celebrate your accomplishments, and then you realize how easy it is to change for the better when you put your mind to it.
  7. You have time to build your life. You can build a life with people, as well, but when you’re single, you get to focus completely on your goals and aspirations, and you don’t have to worry at all about someone else’s. That gives you a foundation that makes you a strong and interesting person that will attract the right guy at the right time.
  8. Having someone will be an added bonus. When you’re whole on your own, you don’t seek relationships to fill a hole, you seek them to be the cherry on top of a super awesome sundae. You don’t need a guy exactly, but when you’re ready for one, he’ll just make your life that much more exciting.
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