14 Ways Being Single Makes You A Better Person

Being single can be lonely from time to time, but it’s also important to spend some time rolling solo before you get into a serious relationship. In fact, if you play your cards right, being single could end up making you a better person overall.

  1. You’re able to make yourself your top priority. There is no one accusing you of being selfish for focusing on yourself. Being single gives you the luxury of putting your needs before anyone else’s. Physically, emotionally, and mentally, you get to fix the things in your life that aren’t your favorite and improve the things that are. You basically get the time to become exactly who you want to be.
  2. You have the opportunity to learn who you are. Growing as an individual is easier when you don’t have anyone around influencing the way you think about things. While you’re single, you get the chance to decide your values and your vision for life as well as setting goals and learning what interests you. Determining your values in life and being authentic are essential steps to becoming a better person. It’s also next to impossible to do while in a relationship.
  3. You get to learn what interests you. Finding what you’re passionate about is one of the most enjoyable steps toward becoming your best self. When you’re single, you get to try out different things and discover what you love and what you don’t on your own terms. This process of self-discovery makes taking an art class and learning you paint like a 3-year-old with a temper tantrum almost as fun as realizing craft beer yoga is your new favorite way to spend Saturday mornings.
  4. You get to set your own path. Choosing what you want to do in life based on only your values and interests is a wonderful gift. Being single gives you the ability to figure out what you want to do with your life while not having to worry about anyone else. The freedom of being able to make a big move just because you want to is something only single people get to enjoy.
  5. You become a better decision maker unintentionally. Being single forces you to make decisions on your own. The more decisions you make, the better you become at making them. When it comes to something more substantial, it’s so much easier to make an informed decision without the emotion that comes with the relationship attached.
  6. You’re likely more confident than people in relationships. Chances are, you don’t have someone to rely on like you would if you were attached. Your success or failure depends solely on you and each victory no matter how big makes you more confident. You don’t doubt that you’re amazing and you know your opinion of yourself is all that matters.
  7. You’re forced out of your comfort zone more often. Odds are, it’s harder to find someone to go with you when trying new things. Because of that, you’re forced to be more outgoing and meet new people all on your own. When you do things outside of the norm, not only do you learn about yourself but you get to see the world from a different point of view.
  8. You’re able to be a better friend. You don’t have to divide your time between your friends and your significant other, giving you the ability to focus on building your platonic friendships. Not only can you build new friendships but you’re more attentive to the friends you already have.
  9. Your social life is better than people that are attached. Want to go out and get a drink after work with your friends? There is no one stopping you from going. Not feeling the need to check in with someone before making plans gives you the ability to be more spontaneous. A more active social life along with building stronger friendships tend to create a more fulfilled life.
  10. You get to do what you want to doYou don’t have to worry about coordinating your life with anyone else. It doesn’t matter if its long-term life goals, planning a vacation, deciding what to eat for dinner, or walking around the house in your underwear. Your life is exactly what you want it to be because you are the one making the decisions and creating your life around your wants and needs.
  11. You know better than to settle. Because you put yourself first, you’ve taught yourself not to settle for anything less than the best. Every aspect of your life centers around your needs and you’re happier because of it. If and when you decide to be in a relationship, you have the added value of knowing your relationship most likely will be stronger because you aren’t settling for someone just to avoid being alone.
  12. You’re likely more successful in your career. Because you have more time to devote to focusing on your job, you’re likely to be more successful than people putting that effort into a relationship. There are fewer distractions from your personal life interfering with your quality of work. If the opportunity for a big promotion that requires you to relocate comes up, you don’t have to worry about someone else’s life factoring into your decision.
  13. Your self-esteem is much higher because of being single. The time you’ve had to focus on bettering yourself, figuring out your interests, and rocking your professional life has made you a stronger and happier person. You’re proud of who you are and know that you can take care of yourself. That’s confidence in yourself that you may not have had if you would have been focusing on building a relationship instead of focusing on you.
  14. You know being alone isn’t a bad thing. You’re one of the lucky few who understand not being in a relationship isn’t a failure, it’s a choice, and a good one at that. You know who you are and you don’t ever have to worry about losing yourself in someone else’s life. If you choose to be single for the rest of your life, you know the benefits include so much more than knowing the milk is exactly where you left it in the fridge. Relationships are overrated, and you’re a better person for having chosen to be single.
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