Belligerent Florida Woman Exposed Herself ‘Provocatively’ To Children At Party She Crashed

Belligerent Florida Woman Exposed Herself ‘Provocatively’ To Children At Party She Crashed Escambia County Jail

A Florida woman was taken into custody after she crashed a party and exposed herself to children while ranting belligerently. Suzanne Dill, 53, from Pensacola, has been charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, an Escambia County Sheriff’s Office arrest report reveals. The charges stem from the incident on Tuesday, October 26 in which she barged into a backyard get-together held by acquaintances and began engaging in the obscene behavior.

  1. Dill knew the victims in some way, however loosely. Authorities say that while she wasn’t invited to the gathering, Dill indeed know the victims either via acquaintance or family ties, so they weren’t total strangers.
  2. It was immediately clear something wasn’t right with Dill. One of the victims told WFLA that as soon as Dill arrived at the property, she became belligerent and started exposing her bare breasts to children that were present. It’s unclear whether or not she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if she was experiencing a mental health breakdown.
  3. She was asked to stop but this only incensed Dill further. When the victim asked Dill to stop her behavior and reminded her that children were present, she then pulled down her pants and began “provocatively” exposing herself by grabbing her genitals and threatening to “f***” the kids.
  4. She ran away when someone threatened to call 911. Four children were present to witness Dill’s antics. However, she ran away as soon as someone threatened to call the authorities. Police soon caught up to her, however, and she’s now being held in Escambia County Jail on $20,000 bond.
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