Ben & Jerry’s Is Releasing A Range Of Ice Creams That Are Safe For Dogs To Eat

Ben & Jerry’s Is Releasing A Range Of Ice Creams That Are Safe For Dogs To Eat Ben & Jerry's

Chances are, whenever you pull the carton of Ben & Jerry’s out of the freezer, your dog is right there in front of you, staring up with pleading eyes hoping to get a taste. Whether or not your pooch can tolerate it, dogs don’t do well with dairy and shouldn’t really be eating this delicious frozen treat… until now, anyway. Now, Ben & Jerry’s has unveiled a line of dog-friendly “ice cream” that’s totally safe and delicious for your four-legged friends.

Ben & Jerry's

  1. They’re made with a base of sunflower butter. Instead of being full of milk and cream, Ben & Jerry’s dog desserts have a sunflower butter base, which is much safer and gut-friendly for your pup. However, it’s just as delicious as the human stuff (for them, anyway!) so they’re not missing out on any yummy taste!
  2. There are two flavors of the doggy desserts to choose from. Each of the flavors is named after one of Ben & Jerry’s dogs. First up, there’s Pouch’s Mix, which includes peanut butter and pretzels – two of the treats dogs seem to love most! There’s also Rosie’s Batch, which is full of pumpkin and mini cookies. Sounds yum!
  3. They’re available in single cartons or multipacks. Buying a single mini-cup of Ben & Jerry’s doggy desserts should cost you about $1.29. However, the containers are also available in multipacks for around $4.49, so you can keep some extras in the freezer for when your dog(s) deserves an extra treat.
  4. They’re coming to stores soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Ben & Jerry’s is rolling out their new ice cream for dogs already, and it’s only a matter of time before they hit grocery and pet stores across the country. Keep your eyes peeled so you can grab some ASAP!
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