Best Friends Who Bonded Over Being Adopted Discover That They’re Actually Biological Sisters

Best Friends Who Bonded Over Being Adopted Discover That They’re Actually Biological Sisters Facebook

When Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison met in 2013 while working at a Connecticut bar, they immediately became best friends. They found they had a lot in common, from the fact that they were both adopted from the Dominican Republic to being raised by single parents. “I think adoptees understand other adoptees more than someone who’s not adopted. So it was just kind of like, ‘Sweet! I have somebody who understands,'” Cassandra told Inside Edition. Well, turns out there’s more of a reason they felt so connected: they’re actually biological sisters.

  1. It all started with a DNA test. Cassandra decided to get a 23andMe test, after which she went searching for her birth family. Her biological father later revealed to her that there was another daughter also placed up for adoption at the same time, which gave Cassandra a mad idea.
  2. Cassandra had a hunch that there might be a deeper connection with Julia. When Cassandra learned that she had a sister out there, she immediately drove from her home in Virginia up to Connecticut and made Julia take a DNA test as well. “She was nuts,” Julia recalled. “She put it in my face and said, ‘Spit in this right now.'”
  3. Cassandra’s hunch was right: Julia was her sister. Soon after Julia took the DNA test, a phone call confirmed Cassandra’s hunch that Julia was her long-lost sister. No wonder they were so drawn to one another!
  4. The two also learned they have other siblings. While only Julia and Cassandra were placed up for adoption all those years ago, Cassandra insists they’re not angry at their parents and understand it was the best decision for them. “Julia and I are not upset with our biological parents. We understand that they did the best they could with what they had,” Cassandra said. She added that she was still partly in shock with how weird it is that she was best friends with her sister. “It’s very surreal. My nephew comes up to me and he’s like, ‘Tia, tia, tia!’ And I’m like, ‘That’s me!’ He’s talking to me. We actually look a lot alike, too. We all look alike,” she said.  Now that’s a happy story!
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