Best Friends Get In The Festive Spirit With Hilarious ’80s-Inspired Christmas Photoshoot

If you can’t be silly and downright stupid with your best friend, who can you be that way with? There’s nothing better than doing the dumbest, most ridiculous things with the person closest to you and laughing your head off about it the whole time, and it seems like BFFs Paige Ann and Kailee Koch know that all too well. They decided to head to their local JC Penney for an ultra-festive, ultra-hilarious photoshoot that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

  1. Paige and Kailee have been BFFs for years. They’re both from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and they clearly know how to spend the holidays! After such a rough year, I think we can all use something a little lighthearted, and these two decided to offer themselves – and all of us who saw their photos on Facebook – just that.
  2. The ’80s influence here is genius! Not only did they don some pretty amazing ugly Christmas sweaters for the photoshoot, but they also did some backcombing of their hair and really amped up the ’80s vibes. It gives the whole shoot an extra vintage hilariousness that’s just too good.
  3. This shoot was the best decision they’ve made. As Paige shared on Facebook, “I’m just gonna come on record here and say that I HIGGHHHLLLYYYY, like 15/10, recommend wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and getting the most awkward JCPenney Glamour Shots done with your best friend.” Considering how awesome these photos turned out, I’m totally tempted to do the same!
  4. Needless to say, people are loving these photos. The post with the photos, which Paige shared on December 5, have since received more than 82,000 shares and 49,000 comments, so it’s safe to say these BFFs officially went viral. Not hard to see why, however – they’re having so much fun and celebrating their friendship and it’s full of so much joy! I think we can all use a little more of that.
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