Best Friends Stage Horror-Themed Photoshoot Complete With Wine And A Dead Body

Your best friend is someone you can count on through thick and thin. She’s not just a pal, she’s more like a sister, and she’s someone you would do anything for, even bury a dead body, right? Well, sorta. True crime fanatics, podcast hosts, and sisters Kelli and Amelia decided to take their love of the genre to the next level by staging a themed photoshoot in which they bury a body in a tarp in the woods, then crack open a bottle of wine in celebration. Sounds like a party!

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  1. Kelli and Amelia really love true crime. So much so that they host Uncorked Crime, a podcast available to stream on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and anywhere else you can listen to podcasts. Every Monday, they release a new episode in which they discuss their favorite true crime stories from murders, mysteries, and hauntings. It’s super entertaining!
  2. If you can’t bury a body with your sister, who can you count on? While they’re clear to point out that no actual people were harmed in the shooting of these pictures (duh!), it is a creative nod to the genre and a whole lot of fun. Now they’ll have these photos to look back on and commemorate the podcast in the future.
  3. This might be a good idea for something to try with your BFF! Think about it – Halloween is a few months away and this would be a great idea for something fun to do with your friends to celebrate the best holiday ever. You’ve got time to plan ahead, so get it going!

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