The Best Part Of Being Single Is Getting To Do These 7 Things

I’ve been in several long-term relationships, all of which ended for one reason or another. I don’t consider myself bitter or jaded when it comes to love, but I can honestly say I’m much happier on my own. To me, being single is a blessing, not a curse—especially because I get to enjoy doing these things.

  1. Date myself Just because I’m not going out with a guy doesn’t mean I’m not dating—I just date myself. I take myself out for romantic solo dinners, go see the latest movies, go for long walks on the beach, the whole nine yards. You don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to enjoy romance. I know because I romance myself all the time.
  2. Have one-night stands I’m not really into sleeping with people I don’t feel a genuine connection with, but it is nice to have the freedom to hop into bed with someone (safely, of course) when the sexual chemistry is off the charts and the attraction is overwhelming. I never know when I’m going to find someone irresistible and vice-versa, and the freedom to act on that is amazing.
  3. Go on as many dates as I want If I want to go on a date with a different guy every night of the week, I can. If I want to go several weeks without a single date, that’s fine too. Being single means I’m in charge of my own schedule and I can fill as much or as little of it with dating as I please. It feels great.
  4. Say no to things I don’t want to do Because I’m not desperate for a relationship and I truly enjoy being single, I don’t ever have to go along with things or say yes to a date I don’t want to go on simply because I’m afraid of missing out. I don’t have a boyfriend, which means I don’t have to consider someone else when deciding whether or not to do something. I do what I want and I like it that way.
  5. Use Adult Friend Finder If you’ve never used Adult Friend Finder, it’s basically an adult social networking site that hooks you up with other people who like dating but usually aren’t looking for anything beyond a casual arrangement. It’s not for everyone, but for me, it’s perfect. I get to meet some interesting people and go on fun dates without having to worry about whether it’s going to lead to something long-term. I know up front that it’s not and I get to enjoy myself much more because of it.
  6. Talk to multiple guys at the same time I’m not in a relationship which means I’m not beholden to anyone and I’m not being disloyal by talking to or even going out with multiple guys at once. We’re not exclusive so I’m not going to close myself off to potential connections until I am. I like exploring my options and don’t see any reason to stop.
  7. Embrace singlehood The longer I’m single, the more I appreciate just how great it is. I make my own schedule, follow my own rules, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything by not being in a serious relationship. Maybe one day I’ll find love and want to settle down, but for now, I’m happy right where I’m at. When I’m not, I’ll just hop on Adult Friend Finder and I soon will be.
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