Best Vacation Spots For Couples On A Budget In 2022 And Beyond

When it comes to choosing where to go with someone you love, luxury and budget don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There are plenty of romantic destinations that won’t cost an arm and a leg but are still just as magical and beautiful as you’d hope. Here are the best vacation spots for couples on a budget in 2022 and beyond.

  1. Bali, Indonesia The Indonesian island of Bali might be far away and slightly costly to travel to. But once you get there, this is one of the world’s most affordable destinations. Accommodation, food, and shopping are all super cheap compared to other tropical locations. Plus, abundant in beach and mountain resorts, Bali is a haven for couples looking for a romantic getaway. The island is filled with things to do, from forests sprawling with monkeys in the mountainous Ubud to the secluded Pandawa Beach.
  2. Glacier National Park, Montana People automatically think of tropical resorts when they imagine couple vacations. But a stay in Montana’s lush Glacier National Park is just as romantic. Truthfully, it’s usually cheaper to stay outside the park itself, in one of the many rustic log cabins or mountain lodges. You can spend your days here exploring the stunning forests and hiking trails of the park. And at night, curl up in your cozy cabin. Camping in and around Glacier is an even more cost-effective choice for couples on a budget. The stars of Big Sky are second to none!
  3. Sibiu, Romania A land of medieval architecture and the supposed home of the original Dracula, Romania offers an enchanted getaway for couples who want to lose themselves in a fantastical world. The city of Sibiu is located smack-bang in Dracula country, in the historical region of Transylvania, and straddles the idyllic Cibin River. Lookout for Disney-like streets, bridges, and buildings that make you feel like you’ve landed in a fairy tale. Sibiu is also less-known than some of Europe’s more famous cities, so the prices aren’t outrageous to ward off tourists.
  4. San Juan, Puerto Rico This is one of the very best vacation spots for couples on a budget who are also looking for some serious island vibes. Caribbean destinations usually attract high price tags, but you can get a similar dreamy vibe in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Treat yourself to a stay in a relaxing beachfront resort in a gorgeous location, home to points of interest like the El Yunque National Forest. You can keep yourselves entertained here without spending much money at all as the scenery itself is beautiful enough to simply watch. Old San Juan is also the perfect setting for a romantic walk.

Best vacation spots for couples on a budget

  1. Cappadocia, Turkey Turkey’s Cappadocia is famous for its wondrous sky of hot air balloons—a sight that will make even the most hardened couples weak at the knees. Known for its fairy chimneys, the city will make you feel like you’ve landed in a storybook. Although it’s Turkey’s renowned Fairy Tale Land, Cappadocia remains affordable and is considerably cheaper than many other famous destinations in Europe and Asia. The city also boasts cave-room hotels that are reminiscent of accommodation in Santorini—a must for couples!
  2. Oahu, Hawaii Hawaii can be a surprisingly affordable destination. While certain Hawaiian islands are known for their extravagant prices and celebrity appearances (looking at you, Maui), the island of Oahu offers a selection of resorts on the beach for a fraction of the price. Stay in accommodation along Waikiki or venture to quieter parts of the island. Be aware, though, prices can rise at some of the remote resorts. Oahu is the perfect destination for simply relaxing by the pool or beach, but there’s plenty to do if you feel like stretching your legs. Choose from historical sites like Pearl Harbor, nature walks like hiking Diamond Head, and shopping at the fabulous Ala Moana Center.
  3. Savannah, Georgia Savannah is a delightful Southern town in Georgia where couples can relax and unwind in a charming setting. Home to period architecture and modern amenities, it’s an escape that’s often overlooked by travelers, leading to lower prices. The coastal city is home to a romantic historic district. Here, couples can explore the cobblestoned streets and dine in the picturesque squares. From architectural city tours to discovering the bustling City Market, there’s always something to do.
  4. Koh Samui, Thailand If you’re looking for a tropical escape to a destination with sun, water, and tranquillity, look no further than Thailand’s Koh Samui. The second-largest island in Thailand, Koh Samui lies off the east coast of the mainland. While it’s home to a selection of luxury resorts and spas, it’s generally more affordable than the busier and more famous destination of Phuket. Here you’ll find coconut groves, dense rainforest, and quiet beaches fringed by postcard-perfect palm trees.
  5. Puerto Morelos, Mexico Mexico is a great destination for couples. That goes for whether you have a lot of money to spend or are on a budget. For those looking for a cost-effective trip, you can’t beat Puerto Morelos, a port town on the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula. It lies between the famous and costly destinations of Playa del Carmen and Cancun, offering a more affordable alternative. An authentic fishing village with sublime ocean views, Puerto Morelos has a calm atmosphere. It has the attractions of any tourist beach, without the crowds and prices.
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