Beyonce’s Dubai Concert ‘Proof Illuminati Exists,’ Conspiracy Theorists Say

Beyonce recently got paid $24 million to perform an hour-long concert in Dubai. Not a bad wage for far less than a day’s work. And while she got a lot of backlash for accepting the gig, for obvious reasons, the country’s human rights offenses aren’t the biggest concern for many. In fact, they believe Beyonce’s Dubai gig offered definitive proof that the Illuminati is real and that the singer is a part of it.

To the naked eye, it just looked like another concert. It was Beyonce‘s first show since 2018, and she invited lots of celebs and influencers to check out the show. She did all of her hits and had Blue Ivy come up and sing “Brown Skin Girl” with her at one point. All in all, just a standard show. However, social media conspiracy theorists didn’t see it that way.


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Beyonce’s Dubai performance was a nod to the Illuminati. The whole theme of the concert used sun imagery and was all about a “weekend where your dreams become your destination.” However, many people believe the sun was part of an Illuminati ritual. They accused Beyonce of trying to make herself a “deity” due to her costume choices.

People believe Beyonce worships the devil. One fan posted a reversed video of the show and claimed you could hear her singing the word “devil” throughout. It’s hard to take these claims seriously, of course. However, the conspiracy theorists who’ve made them certainly do. Many were sickened that she would dare to perform Illuminati “rituals” in full public view during the show. Others slammed her for being part of such a shady organization as the Illuminati (which, we should mention is not real). So, what is the truth? We may never know.

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