My BFF’s Boyfriend Tried To Sleep With Me But I Can’t Tell Her

I know best friends are supposed to be brutally honest with one another, and when it comes to a dress flattens her boobs or getting a new job, I’ll always tell her the truth. But her boyfriend? He’s a whole different issue. Boyfriends have the ability to tear friendships apart, and it seems the crappier the boyfriend, the more damage they do to your friendship. Here are 9 things I wish I could tell my best friend about her boyfriend but never will:

He flirts with your “friends” behind your back. 

When you walk out of the room, he immediately starts flirting with your friends. He hits on them and makes comments about their bodies. I know they suck for not telling you, but he sucks worse for doing it in the first place.

He treats you like crap. 

I can’t believe you let him talk to you like that! He belittles you, makes you feel stupid, makes fun of you in front of other people and doesn’t respect you. You just laugh it off, but I can see that it hurts you. I don’t know why you stay with him.

He’s never going to go anywhere in life. 

He’s a major loser. He mooches off of you, is completely unmotivated and will never be able to contribute. You work so hard to be amazing, and what does he do? Plays video games, gets drunk with the boys and continues to live like he’s 20 and not 30.

He tried to sleep with me. 

Remember when you two were fighting a few months ago and we all went out to try to have some fun? Well, after you got in a fight at the bar, he tried to take me home. He said he’d always thought I was sexy and wouldn’t that teach you a lesson… you came back to the bar and made up with him. I didn’t think you’d believe me.

He’s the reason you’re so unhappy. 

You know how you keep saying you feel so down all of the time, and you feel like something is wrong with you? IT’S YOUR BOYFRIEND. You don’t even realize he is verbally and mentally abusing you and it’s tearing you down. You need to dump him now.

I REALLY, really don’t like him. 

I think this is obvious. He blows and you’re amazing and deserve so much more than this deadbeat.

I don’t want you to marry him, ever. 

Please don’t let him con you into marrying him. You’ll be miserable and I’m afraid you won’t have the strength to divorce him. Even worse, if you have kids with this loser, you’ll end up being tied to him for life. #dontputaringonit

My boyfriend thinks he’s a creep and hates hanging out with him. 

We would never tell you this, because I value our friendship too much, but my boyfriend hates him too. He hates hanging out with him and thinks that he says the creepiest things. He talks too much about other women and what a “catch” you are and how great it is he found a woman to take care of him. UGH.

He doesn’t love you. 

I would never say this to your face, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t even know what that means.

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