The Bierstick Is A Whole New Kind Of Beer Bong & We Need It Now

While drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time may not be the best idea, there’s no use pretending that we haven’t all done it before. Hey, sometimes you just want to let loose, right? If you’re looking for a unique, more travel-friendly alternative to doing keg stands or toting around a standard beer bong, you need the Bierstick.

  1. It’s basically a giant beer bong syringe. The Bierstick is basically a long tube you fill with beer. You then insert a pressurized lever that you press down to make the beer come out the other end. The word “syringe” generally doesn’t conjure positive images, but I think we can all agree that the Bierstick is an exception.
  2. It’s compact and fits in a backpack. That means if you want to take the Bierstick to your next tailgate, pool party, or music festival, you can put it in your bag and be on your way. It’s easy to clean too, so you can pack it away again after you’re done with it.
  3. It holds up to 24 oz. of liquid. That’s a LOT of beer. Bierstick claims you can drink this in as little as two seconds, but that not only sounds dangerous, I’m pretty sure it’s not humanly possible (and that’s probably a good thing). Nevertheless, you have plenty of beer on tap if you fill ‘er up.
  4. It’s a fun novelty gift. If you have friends, siblings, or even colleagues who enjoy a beer every now and then (or, you know, every weekend), they’d probably love a Bierstick. It’s definitely a fun, unique gift that they won’t get from anyone else and you’ll likely be a hero for finding it first.
  5. The reviews are generally positive. On Amazon, the Bierstick has an average of 3.9 stars out of 5, which is pretty solid. And for less than $40, a 4-star product seems like a bargain, especially considering the fun you’ll get out of it.

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