The Biggest Secrets Of Couples That Last Forever

We’ve all seen those couples that seem to have everything figured out. They’ve lasted for years and show no signs of stopping. So how do they do it? You have a hard time making it past the first few dates, but these couples last forever. The key is understanding the secrets of couples that last. They’ve worked hard and discovered what it takes to make a relationship last no matter what happens. With the right person, you could do the same.

  1. It’s all about communication. I know it sounds cliche, but communication is the most important thing in a lasting relationship, outside of love of course. If you can’t talk to each other about your day or what’s wrong, you’ll never last. Happy couples aren’t afraid to talk, even if it’s not always the most comfortable topics.
  2. Fights happen, but they’re not deal breakers. So, you didn’t think those super happy couples ever fought. Think again. They fight and they may even do it often. They thing is, they fight fairly and use each fight as a chance to improve the relationship and each other. A fight isn’t a deal breaker, but just a part of loving someone else.
  3. The simple things are important. It’s not all about big gestures. Picking up dinner when your spouse is stressed or just asking about their day means a lot. Those little gestures mean so much more because it shows you care. Lasting couples do these types of things all the time.
  4. Quick kisses to say hello or goodbye are always welcome. Watch your favorite successful couple and you’ll notice one regular thing – quick kisses. Before they leave for work and when they get home, they always give each other a quick kiss. They always want to leave and greet each other with that one loving gesture.
  5. Make time, no matter what. No matter how hectic their lives are, they don’t put their relationship last. Even if it means saying no to something else, they make time for each other. They know that’s important and they’re willing to work for it. Love is their top priority, as it should be.
  6. Tease without being insulting. Happy couples aren’t uptight. They tease each other, but it’s just to make each other laugh. It’s not insulting. If you listen, it’s light-hearted and usually has something to do with a funny moment or memory between the two. It’s sweet and keeps them smiling.
  7. Say I love you often (and mean it). It might seem like they say it too often, but they truly love each other and don’t mind saying it. They mean it every time. They’re not afraid to express how they feel about each other and those three little words mean the world to them.
  8. Be randomly spontaneous. A routine that never changes can kill a great relationship. Lasting couples know this. They’ve probably even fought about it from time to time. Random gifts or surprises switch things up and keep the love fresh. It could a vacation or a date night after a busy week. The idea is to do something different without being asked.
  9. Make it work with both families. In-laws are often a sore spot with couples. The wife might want to spend time with her own family, but not his and vice versa. The problem is as a couple, you share one big family. If you can’t find a way to make things work with your in-laws, the relationship might not work at all. This is where compromise, communication and understanding are really important.
  10. Both do things you don’t always like. One of the best kept secrets of couples that last is they don’t share every single interest. They’re not clones. They just make a point of doing things with the other that they might not always like as much. Why? It’s important to the spouse and that makes the other happy. Compromise is key sometimes.
  11. Help each other out. Couples that are truly happy together don’t mind helping each other out. Helping with chores without being asked or taking the kids so your wife can work on a major project in peace are simple ways to make their spouse’s life easier. They don’t help because they have to, but because they want to.
  12. Support goals and dreams. No matter how crazy it might be, happy couples are supportive of each other’s goals and dreams. Of course, they talk things out and make sure they’re not going to lose everything if one of them wants to quit their job to pursue a career as a clown. The idea is to find ways to help dreams come true without straining the relationship.
  13. Take time for each other. As important as time together is, couples who last forever know time apart is important too. They set aside time to work on their own individual hobbies or go out with separate groups of friends. It gives them new things to talk about and a life outside the relationship.
  14. Share at least one hobby or interest. Couples have to share at least one hobby or interest. That might be all they share, but they need that common ground. It could be a favorite TV show or music genre. Whatever it is, every couple has one and it gives them an interest to enjoy together, even if all their other interests are worlds apart.

As you can see, it takes work to last as a couple. When a person is worth it, you’ll find it’s not that hard to be that lasting couple that other couples look up to.

Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger. She's a tech geek at heart, but loves telling it like it is when it comes to love, beauty and style. She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and curling up with a great book. You can find her on Twitter @ccrowderwrites or check out her other writing on Medium.