Biker Gang Storms Neighborhood Looking For Bullied Teen Boy Until He Comes Out To Face Them

Being bullied at school is such a terrible experience and it’s one that can scar you for years after you graduate. When 13-year-old Minnesota boy Zane Omlid was being punched, pushed, and written on by bullies in Isanti Middle School, he was beside himself and feeling really down. That’s when, according to WCCO, a group called Syd’s Angels Bikers Against Bullies stepped in to help.

  1. The biker group came storming into Zane’s neighborhood. They rode in on their motorcycles and shouted for Zane until he came out to face them. While this might seem intimidating, they were there for a very good reason and it was ultimately a happy experience that the teen won’t soon forget.
  2. They rallied around him and boosted his confidence. Founder Greg Carson presented Omlid gave Zane a special t-shirt and then the group prayed together to give him strength and peace. Following that, they took him for a ride on one of their motorcycles. “We wanted to help,” Carson said. He added to Zane: “Today is just the beginning. We love you, we don’t even know you but we love you.”
  3. The gesture reduced Zane’s mother, Tracy Malenke, to tears. “This is amazing what these guys are doing,” she said. “It’s awful to be frustrated every single day when your kid comes home to tell you somebody’s pushed him down, kicked him, punched him in the private areas and then drawn on them.”
  4. Hopefully this helps Zane feel better – and his bullies leave him alone. There’s no excuse for bullying anyone else regardless of how different they are than you or if you don’t like something about them. Kids need to be taught to respect one another and treat one another with kindness. There’s so much bad stuff happening in the world – we need to be putting as much good into it as we can.
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