Billionaire Banker’s Son Killed By Boat Propeller While Trying To Save Fiancee

The son of a billionaire banker was killed while trying to save his fiancee during a fishing competition in the Florida Keys. Juan Carlos Escotet Alviarez, 31, jumped into the water after his fiancee, 30-year-old Andrea Montero, fell overboard while trying to grab a sailfish, according to the Miami Herald. Unfortunately, while she survived, Escotet Alviarez did not.

Escotet Alviarez hit the boat’s propeller nearly immediately. It happened pretty much as soon as he dove into the water to try and save Montero. Sadly, he was injured so badly that he died a short time later, according to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report.

The couple was in the Florida Keys to take part in a fishing tournament organized by the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo. Sadly, what was meant to be a fun, competitive occasion ended up being a tragic one. While it was noted that Escotet Alviarez passed away from his injuries, Montero’s condition was not mentioned.

Escotet Alviarez was the youngest son of Venezuela-based Banesco president Juan Carlos Escotet Rodriguez. The younger man graduated from the University of Miami and was serving as the director of the Miami-based Banesco USA. He also reportedly had “vast experience” in real estate development in the area, the company’s website states.

Montero is said to have survived the ordeal “without consequences.” This according to an Instagram post by Venezuela-based journalist Angela Oraa. There have been no further statements on the tragic accident or Montero’s condition.

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