These Blackout Curtains Turn Your Windows Into Beautiful City Skylines

While the summer sun is always a welcome appearance when the seasons change, it’s not so great that it’s so bright so early in the morning when you’re trying to sleep. That’s why these blackout curtains from HoleRoll are so amazing. Not only do they keep out that blinding light so you can get some shut-eye, but they also turn your windows into incredible city skylines.

blackout curtainsHoleRoll

The blackout curtains come in three different “varieties.” You can choose yours to display the New York City skyline, the London skyline, or simply a star-filled sky if neither of those cities are for you. Pretty cool.

The effect is created via tiny holes in the fabric. How can blackout curtains display such a detailed and beautiful sky? Tiny holes in the fabric that are strategically placed to create the picture, of course!

The curtains are dust- and heat-proof. According to the HoleRoll website, these blackout curtains have “0% light transmission” and are “coated by antistatic and dustproof stuff, and from the back side it’s glossy and white, protecting the room from heating even in the hottest sunny days.” Given the hot summer days that are coming, that’s a good thing!

They’re made to order, so you can totally customize them. No matter what size your windows, what color you want the accessories, and what type of roller blind you want, HoleRoll can make it for you. Prices start at around $150 which isn’t necessarily cheap but given how unique and special these are, totally worth it.

They’re made in Europe but ship worldwide. The blackout curtains are made in Kiev, Ukraine, but they ship worldwide, which is a good thing. That means no matter where you are, you can get these for your own home. The only problem now is deciding which ones to order! Get yours on the HoleRoll website HERE.

blackout curtainsHoleRoll

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