I’m Blind, But That Doesn’t Stop Men From Sending Me D–k Pics

A single woman who’s legally blind has revealed that men still send her d–k pics despite her vision problems. Claire Sisk went blind after experiencing two strokes when she was 29, but the 41-year-old hasn’t let that slow her down. She’s still an active dater, but some men continue to bombard her with unsolicited photos of their junk despite her vision impairment.


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  1. Claire shared the shocking experience in a TikTok video. In less than 24 hours, her admission racked up nearly a million views, with many people in disbelief that this still happens. “I get sent a lot of lower regional area pictures from guys. Maybe they don’t believe I’m blind,” she says in the video.
  2. So how does she know she’s getting d–k pics? Claire explained in the clip that she uses a screen reader to narrate her messages, and the system is also able to describe in words what’s contained in a given image. “I’ve just received an image, and I have to share this with you,” Sisk giggled before holding up her phone to the camera, and playing a message from the screen reader,” she explained. “The automated message stated that the picture probably showed “a mushroom growing in the ground.” Oh no!!
  3. A “mushroom growing in the ground”?? Many of the commenters on Claire’s video got a kick out of the fact that her image reader described a man’s genitals in this way. “Oh, that’s amazing. Your screen reader is brutal,” one person remarked. Another added: “Ego also buried in the ground after that description!”
  4. What must these guys be thinking? How can you know that someone is blind but still think, “Oh yeah, I’ll send her a d–k pic. She’ll like that!” Is it, like Claire says, that they don’t believe her? Do they think it’s a hilariously immature joke? Even women who aren’t blind don’t want unsolicited photos like this, so what the hell? Ah well, at least Claire’s able to appreciate the funny side and takes it all in her stride.
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