The Blockbuster Party Game Will Take You Straight Back To The ’90s

If you grew up in the ’90s, chances are you spent endless hours browsing the video selection at Blockbuster to see what’s worth renting. I’ve lost count of the amount of VHS tapes I’ve had to “be kind, rewind” before dropping them through the slot after business hours. If this is a familiar story to you, you’re going to love the new Blockbuster party game.

The box is a Blockbuster tape case! Oh man, talk about nostalgia overload. That classic Blockbuster tape case has been shaped into a box to hold all the game elements and how can you not love that? It’s one of the most recognizable symbols of ’90s pop culture and that alone makes the game worth buying.

It’s all about the movies. The manufacturers of the Blockbuster party game claim that this is the perfect “movie game for anyone who has seen a movie,” so even if you’re playing with people who weren’t even born when Blockbuster went out of style, they can still play this and have fun.

The gameplay is simple. There are two modes to this game, one being a movie buzzer battle and another being a charades battle. The movie buzzer game sees you pick a genre of movies—say, movies with dogs—and you shout out all the ones you can think of, hitting the buzzer to restart the timer each time. When you can’t name anymore and the timer runs out, your turn is over. Charades is pretty self-explanatory (and really awesome).

All the playing cards are shaped like VHS tapes. It’s a cute addition to the game. There are 260 game cards, all of which are shaped like videotapes, each with a different movie name and genre on them. It will seriously take you back to the ’90s in the best possible way.

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