This Bob Ross Version Of Monopoly Is The Most Relaxing Game You’ll Ever Play Hasbro

This Bob Ross Version Of Monopoly Is The Most Relaxing Game You’ll Ever Play

Is there anything more relaxing than Bob Ross’s The Joy of Painting? Watching him brushing on those fluffy little clouds and swiping on the branches of beautiful tall trees is one of the chillest experiences ever, which is why I’m pretty sure the Bob Ross version of Monopoly would be way more relaxing to play.

It’s about time Bob Ross Monopoly became a thing. We’ve had every other Monopoly crossover, from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Friends, Baby Yoda… all those are great and all, but Bob Ross is more my speed. Given how popular The Joy of Painting has become in the past few years, this seems like a natural collab and a solid piece of merch.

It’s apparently “the most peaceful version of Monopoly” ever. According to Hasbro’s product description, players are encouraged to “take advantage of whatever happens” in “the most peaceful edition of Monopoly you’ve ever seen! Monopoly: Bob Ross is your bravery test to buy, sell, and trade favorite works of art from The Joy of Painting series.” I feel relaxed just reading that!

It gets better! “Use collectible tokens to canvas the board as a Squirrel, Pine Tree, Easel, and more as you build up Cabins and Covered Bridges, shake off taxes, and beat the devil out of others’ budgets to be the last one standing with Happy Bucks!” the description continues. Have you ever wanted to play Monopoly more? I doubt it!

It’s not actually available yet but you can pre-order it. Head over to the Hasbro website to pre-order your Bob Ross Monopoly, which will begin shipping on September 18. It costs $39.99, which is basically the best 40 bucks you’ll ever spend for the rest of your life. Plus, it means you’ll get it in plenty of time for Christmas, when a game like this will certainly come in handy.

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