Bombay Sapphire Just Released Ready-To-Drink Gin & Tonic Cans For Your Drinking Pleasure

Bombay Sapphire Just Released Ready-To-Drink Gin & Tonic Cans For Your Drinking Pleasure Bombay Sapphire

I’ll be real with you: growing up, I thought gin & tonics were for old ladies. Now that I’m a bit more worldly and wiser, however, I know that’s not the case at all and that a classic G&T can be just what the doctor (or bartender) ordered. They’re easy enough to make at home, but I’m also pretty lazy sometimes and don’t often keep tonic water in the house. That’s why Bombay Sapphire’s new ready-to-drink Gin & Tonic in a can is so appealing – I can have all the enjoyment of one of my fav drinks without any effort.

bombay sapphire gin & tonic

  1. Bombay Sapphire is Top-Shelf. Gone are the days of well drinks in my book – I always ask for Bombay Sapphire when I’m at a bar (even though the last time I was at a bar was, like, more than a year ago). It’s God-tier for sure, and makes G&Ts that are crisp, refreshing, and just really good. Putting that into ready-to-drink cans is a stroke of genius.
  2. The branding is just beautiful as well. If you’re into aesthetics, you can’t help but appreciate all of Bombay Sapphire’s branding. They’ve brought that to their gin & tonic cans as well, with a beautiful blue color scheme with a matte finish that just looks high-end and will look way too good on Instagram. (Because come on, you know you’re gonna put it on your feed.)
  3. Bombay Sapphire promises you won’t be disappointed by this. While sometimes canned drinks can be somewhat underwhelming, the brand says that’s not the case here. A press release reads: “Bombay Sapphire has been disrupting the category ever since its iconic blue bottle landed on shelves within a sea of green glass. Now, with the introduction of the new Bombay Sapphire and tonic, fans can expect a drink that stays true to the brand’s long-standing commitment to only the finest ingredients.”
  4. Oh yeah, there’s a Light version too. If you’re watching your sugar intake or your calories, you’ll be pleased to know that Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic cans also come in a Light version with 0 sugar and only 90 calories. Sounds good to me!
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