Boooo-opoly Is The Halloween Board Game Literally Everyone Will Love

If you love board games like Monopoly but wish there was something a little more, I don’t know, spooky in time for Halloween, you’re in luck. I’ve literally just discovered Boooo-opoly on Amazon and I don’t know how I’ve lived so long without it.

  1. It’s Monopoly but different. Boooo-oply isn’t made by the makers of Monopoly and it’s not associated in any way. However, the two games basically operate the same way. You roll the dice to move along the board buying properties and completing tasks as you go. The cards in Boooo-opoly even teach you new things about Halloween as you go!
  2. The tokens are Halloween classics. While Monopoly has playing pieces like the thimble, shoe, and Scottie dog, Boooo-opoly doesn’t disappoint with its Halloween offerings. You can play as a ghost, a witch’s hat, a pumpkin, bat, cat, or even a candy apple. How amazing is that?
  3. The properties are haunted! Instead of laying little red or green houses on the properties you buy like in Monopoly, Boooo-opoly has you place haunted houses and even full moons as your markers of the squares you own.
  4. Up to six people can play at once. While you only need two people to play Boooo-opoly, up to six players can take part, which is pretty cool. This game is also great for kids or adults. While it’s Halloween-themed, it’s not too scary or gory for kids. However, us grown-ups can enjoy it as well, which makes it a great family game.
  5. The reviews speak for themselves: Boooo-opoly is a lot of fun. The game gets 4.1 out of 5 stars, with most reviewers agreeing that Boooo-opoly is a lighthearted, enjoyably seasonal version of the classic Monopoly game that you can’t help but love. Whether you want to take this to your next Halloween party or even keep it for game night at home, it’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

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