This Boozy Slush Puppie Machine Will Have You Feeling Like A (Very Drunk) Kid Again

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things was going for a Slush Puppie and then drinking it so quickly that I got serious brain freeze and had to pinch the bridge of my nose until it went away. Ah, memories. Since I’m nostalgic by fault, obviously I want to relive old times, which is why I bought a Slush Puppie machine to make a boozy version of the classic drink at home.

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boozy slush puppie

  1. Booze makes everything better. While there’s no rule saying that you have to make boozy Slush Puppies if you buy this machine, there’s also no rule saying that you can’t. I’m a sucker for frozen cocktails – yes, even in winter – so being able to make my own to sip (I’ve learned my lesson) while watching Netflix is a serious bonus.
  2. You only need three ingredients. Making standard fruit Slush Puppies only requires some ice, table salt, and the flavored syrup of your choice — three ingredients is all it takes! Well, four if you count the booze, which can be gin, vodka, tequila, or any spirit of your choice.
  3. Unfortunately, the syrups don’t come with it. You can buy red cherry and blue raspberry syrups for your Slush Puppie machine if you’d like, but you’ll have to order those on their own. However, given that each bottle makes more than 4 liters of Slushie (i.e. 4 liters of boozy goodness), they’re a total steal at $19.99 for the syrup and a collectible Slush Puppie cup.
  4. Yes, it really works. While sometimes nostalgia products like this are for novelty only and don’t actually work when you use them, this one does. Reviewers have confirmed that the Slush Puppie machine actually makes Slush Puppies, and particularly delicious ones when you add the aforementioned alcohol. It’s worth a try – just sayin’. You can get your machine at Firebox for $52.99 HERE. Syrup and cup sets are available for $19.99 each HERE.

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