Is He Boyfriend Material? Look For These 10 Subtle Clues

Paying attention to the minor details can help you determine whether or not a guy is boyfriend material. Here are 10 subtle clues on whether or not you should pursue a guy.

  1. His shoes Yeah, you read that right. The shoes a guy chooses to wear can say a lot about him. Not only do they relay his style but they also demonstrate how clean he is. If a guy takes care of his shoes, he most likely takes care of the rest of his body. If he’s wearing worn-out shoes that are so dirty that you can’t even tell what color they originally were, forget about him. His shoes are probably the cleanest part about him. Ew.
  2. His restaurant etiquette A foolproof way to determine whether or not a guy is actually kind or not is how he treats the waiter/waitress. If he talks down to them and doesn’t use his manners, he’s clearly rude and doesn’t deserve your time. The ideal boyfriend will treat everyone with respect and go out of his way to show you just how appreciative he is.
  3. How he treats his mother Ah, yes, my personal favorite way to determine whether a guy is suitable to be in a relationship. If he treats his mother with respect and love, then he most definitely deserves yours. Otherwise, he has to go. I mean, his mother birthed him and raised him, so he needs to appreciate her.
  4. The questions he asks When you first meet someone new, you typically have your “go-to” questions that you ask. These help you determine whether or not you even want to move past a simple hello with them. Guys also ask questions in order to get to know us ladies. If his first few questions consist of “What’s your phone number?” or “Your place or mine?”, he’s most likely not boyfriend material. A potential boyfriend would be asking questions about your job, future plans, and hobbies—and maybe your drink order. Don’t settle for less.
  5. His listening skills Women love to talk about anything and everything, so we need a boyfriend who’s ready to listen. If he’s staring off into space or even worse, checking his phone while you’re talking to him, he doesn’t deserve your time. You deserve someone who’s going to listen no matter what, even if you really have recited the same story twelve times.
  6. He uses the word “we.” When talking about future plans, he should be including you in most if not all of them. If he starts to go off on a tangent about his future plans and continuously talks about himself alone, that’s a problem. If he’s ready to be your boyfriend, he should be including you and saying “we.”
  7. His texting behavior If he’s the one for you, texting him should be effortless. You shouldn’t be spending more time deciding what to say than actually conversing. If he’s boyfriend material, your texts will flow with little to no effort. You also won’t be waiting days on end for a response and he’ll give you more than one-word answers.
  8. How he spends his free time This may seem like an obvious one, but it often goes overlooked. If he uses his spare time to hang out with the boys and go to the bars, he’s probably not too serious about his time management. The ideal boyfriend candidate will be dedicating plenty of time to bettering himself and his future. There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a drink every now and then, but if he’s never focusing on himself and his goals outside of the workplace, he’s not boyfriend material.
  9. His ability (and willingness) to be chivalrous Holding the door open for you, making sure you get home safe, and offering to pay for your dinner may seem like simple things every guy does. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Over time, guys have completely lost their manners. Yes, women want to be treated as equals, but a little chivalry every once in a while doesn’t hurt. If he makes the conscious decision to always make you feel valued, appreciate that and don’t let him go.
  10. How comfortable you are with him If you find yourself easily able to open up around him, hold onto him. You should never feel uncomfortable or like you’re trying to prove yourself to a guy you like. If he’s the ideal boyfriend candidate, he’s gonna be someone you feel completely normal around. If you think you have to “wow” him everytime you see him, he’s not worth your time.
Faith is a journalism student from New York who prefers coffee, writing and fun--in that order. She's a millennial yet she experiences a new midlife crisis each day.