My Boyfriend Punched Someone For Me & It Was So Hot

I certainly don’t condone violence and I never expected it to happen, but my boyfriend actually punched someone for me and it was the hottest thing ever. Here’s what happened.

  1. We’d only been dating for a few months before the incident. He was my cousin’s friend and he already knew some of my family members but we’d never officially met. We all went out together for my birthday and he and I immediately hit it off. We started dating after that. It was a long-distance relationship so it wasn’t easy at first, but we made it work and our relationship became more serious a few months into it.
  2. I was visiting him one weekend and his friends wanted to party. We didn’t get to see each other that often because we lived a couple of hours away from one another. We were excited to get some time alone together when I came to visit one weekend… but his friends wanted to have a party. My boyfriend didn’t want to say no because he was too nice and didn’t want his friends to think he was ditching them for a girl.
  3. We had a fire in the backyard and invited people over. Lots of people showed up and everyone was having a good time, but my boyfriend and I really just wanted to be alone together so we snuck away upstairs to his apartment. We ended up cuddling on the couch and eventually going to bed. But then we were woken up to a weird sight.
  4. One of his friends had broken into his apartment. We’d locked the apartment because we were going to sleep. Since my boyfriend’s brother rented the downstairs apartment and was also at the party, people knew they could use his place if needed. Still, his friends were annoyed that we weren’t participating in the party and wanted to mess with him, so someone broke in and stacked a bunch of furniture in front of our bedroom door. WTF?
  5. My boyfriend was madder than I’ve ever seen him. He was furious because it was an invasion of privacy. We can usually take a joke, but it was completely unacceptable for someone to break in and do something like that. Talk about crossing the line. My boyfriend is usually a pushover so he initially wanted to let it go even though he was pissed. We ended up just going back to sleep after making sure the doors were relocked.
  6. We got woken up again and things got crazy. This time, we thought we heard someone trying to come in through the back door. My boyfriend had had enough. He ran out the front door, went around back, and caught three of his friends trying to get into the apartment. He threw a punch and it landed right on his friend’s face. A huge argument ensued and the police were called, but they chalked it up to us being a bunch of drunk idiots and left.
  7. It was the end of my boyfriend’s friendship with this guy. His friend ended up needing a few stitches above his eye and was rightfully mad, but he was also in the wrong for trying to break into someone’s locked apartment. My boyfriend apologized and they tried to talk it out but couldn’t move past it. The other guy also turned a few of their other friends against my boyfriend. It was a huge mess.
  8. It took a long time to blow over. Their fight caused some awkward situations since they had a lot of mutual friends. It’s been years since the incident, but they’ve finally gotten over it and there’s no more tension now. They were never close again after what happened, but this guy wasn’t the nicest person anyway so my boyfriend wasn’t crushed. He wished he’d handled things differently and regretted hurting someone, but he wasn’t sorry that he defended me.
  9. This was totally out of character for him. My boyfriend is usually the mellowest person you’ll ever meet. He’s very laid-back and not much bothers him at all. He’d never fought or punched anyone before this incident and hasn’t done it since. I guess his friends just pushed the wrong buttons because I was involved.
  10. I can’t help but love him more for what he did. I’m sorry that he hurt someone and again, I definitely don’t condone violence of any kind, but I’m not sorry that he stood up for me. It made me realize how much he cared about me even though we’d only been serious for a few months. It was extremely hot. What girl doesn’t want her guy to protect her? We’ve been together ever since, so obviously he did something right.
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