My Boyfriend Wanted Space So I Dumped Him

This guy that I’d been seeing for a while suddenly told me that he needed space out of nowhere. How did I take it? Not seriously! I sent him a picture of an astronaut floating through the galaxy and thought it was hilarious. However, when I realized he actually meant it, I decided to dump him.

  1. Relationships are a blessing, not a burden. It looks like commitment is a modern guy’s worst nightmare. I don’t get it because forming a strong, healthy partnership is one of the best things that could happen to anyone. I don’t want to be with someone who thinks I’m annoying or “too much.” I want to be with someone who adores me and loves me enough that he won’t push me away when real life issues kick in.
  2. Boys act out while men talk it out. When things get tough, boys lash out, walk away, or go silent. Men, on the other hand, face the music. It’s uncomfortable but they do it because they’re mature. Why would I be with someone who would hide in their man cave to figure things out while I can be with someone who chooses to open up about his feelings? It’s hard for some guys to include their significant other in what’s going on in their lives, but if they don’t do it after a while, they’re clearly not serious about their relationship.
  3. Relationships are a two-way street. If a guy wants space for whatever reason, then he should have it, by all means. Why would any woman want to be emotionally or physically close to someone who wants to make the space between them bigger instead of smaller? At the end of the day, a one-sided relationship is just sad. The feeling needs to be mutual and so does the effort. If the guy I’m with doesn’t want to acknowledge that, it’s his loss. I’m better off investing in myself.
  4. Tough love is honest but it’s not mean. He could have said that he was going through some messed-up stuff and that he needed some time. The way he handled the situation made me upset because he disregarded my feelings and didn’t include me in his decision. I couldn’t stop thinking about how he would handle other stressful stuff given the fact he handled this one poorly. I wasn’t willing to wait around to find out.
  5. Relationships are about wanting the same things and we clearly didn’t. Relationships are about two people working together towards the same end goal. At that point, it was clear to me that we wanted different things. He wanted to be left alone and I wanted to spend time together. I knew it was easier to part ways sooner rather than later or else I’d end up more hurt than I already was.
  6. Desire is stronger than doubt. If he wanted me, he’d do whatever he could to make sure I knew it and never forgot it. He’d go out of his way to keep me in his life and not just around whenever it was convenient for him. I believe that my ex really needed some time for himself and it’s his right to feel that way. When life is being hard on you, you want to surround yourself with those who love you and understand you the most. When he wished to be away from me, I figured that he didn’t love me the way I loved him. I took it as a sign that he wasn’t the person for me and acted accordingly.
  7. Love shouldn’t be complicated. Love is a lot of things: it’s challenging, messy, flawed. Love turns your life around and it makes you feel things you never thought existed in you. But love would never make your life into a negative, toxic series of events. When you start to feel bad about yourself or the world, then your relationship is not good for you. That’s exactly what happened to me and how I knew that it was time to get out.
  8. I knew better things awaited me. Letting go is tough, but better things can only happen when we make room for them. I told myself that losing this guy wasn’t the end of the world because there was someone out there who’d offer me what I wanted and needed without question. It hurt to let go of him, but I knew I had to if I wanted to find something better, and that’s exactly what I did.