This ‘Brain Cactus’ Would Be The Weirdest But Coolest Addition To Your Plant Collection

Look, I know pretty succulents are all the rage when it comes to being a plant parent, and I love them too, but I do think there’s some other crazy cool greenery out there that’s getting ignored in the meantime. Take this “brain cactus,” for instance. It’s weird, it’s wonderful, and it really does seriously look like a brain. What the hell?

  1. The brain cactus is also known as Mammillaria Elongata ‘Cristata’. As you can probably guess, it’s native to central Mexico but it’s made its way northward and isn’t too difficult to find these days. However, given how unique it is, I would definitely go the extra mile to find it!
  2. It’s actually a rare form of a pretty normal cactus. Generally speaking, Mammillaria Elongata tend to grow tall and straight like the cacti you’re used to seeing. It’s a rare mutation in the apical meristem (or in layman’s terms, the center, heh) that causes the crested form in that looks like a brain. Pretty awesome, right?
  3. Like most cacti, the brain cactus is easy to care for. Just make sure it’s planted in well-draining soil and make sure you don’t over-water it because it needs very little. Also, you should ensure your little buddy gets plenty of sunshine to be happy and voila, that’s really all it takes.
  4. Oh, but you should repot it every couple of years. Because your brain cactus can stick around for many, many years, it’s recommended that you repot it at least every two to four years in the spring to ensure it doesn’t get overgrown. According to Succulent City, if you start to see roots at the bottom of your plant, that’s a sign it’s getting too big for its current home and need another one ASAP. Do all those things and you’ll be a very happy plant parent.

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