Brazilian Model Spent $700,000 On 20 Surgeries To Look Like Kim Kardashian

A Brazilian model has dedicated the last 11 years of her life to “designing” her body to look exactly like that of Kim Kardashian. The 28-year-old has had more than $700,000 worth of surgery stretched over 20 procedures. She started at the age of 17 and at one point even had nine surgeries in 24 hours.

  1. Move over, Kim Kardashian. Jennifer feels that the famous family has had their time in the spotlight and now there’s room for another woman to take over. “It’s my turn right now,” she told Hooked on the Look. “Keeping Up With the Kardashians is over, it’s done, so they did very well. So this is my time right now.”
  2. She’s had so many things done. Jennifer has had six pints of fat injected into her backside, two nose jobs, eight ribs removed, and two chest enhancements. This has given her the 39-inch hips and 21-inch waist ratio she was seeking.
  3. Not all of the procedures have gone well. As you can probably imagine, going under the knife so often can have a seriously detrimental effect on health, as Jennifer found out. “I was told I was going to die,” she recalled of one surgery. “When I was doing my [bum] procedure, my doctor didn’t put an anesthetic. My pressure went down and I thought I was going to die. It was very bad.”
  4. Still, she has no regrets and would do the same thing again. Despite the complications, Jennifer still believes she’s made the right decision for herself. In fact, she says she’ll continue to keep getting surgery moving forward until she finds the perfect look.


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