Breyers Releases Cinnabon Ice Cream Just In Time To Tank Your New Year’s Resolution To Eat Healthier Breyers

Breyers Releases Cinnabon Ice Cream Just In Time To Tank Your New Year’s Resolution To Eat Healthier

I’m a snack fiend to the point that it’s a serious problem, which is why one of my biggest New Year’s resolutions was to start eating better. You know, cut back on the sugar and other junk food and start focusing more on fresh fruits, veggies, and whole grains. It’s taken all of four days for that to go down the drain since I’ve now discovered Breyers has a Cinnabon ice cream that’s calling my name.

Cinnabon is delicious, first of all. It just reminds me of going to the mall as a kid and hitting up the Cinnabon stall, shoveling that warm, sugary, cinnamon-y goodness with that gooey icing in my mouth as quickly as I could (before I then hit up Auntie Ann’s for cinnamon sugar pretzels, of course).

Combining Cinnabon with Breyers ice cream seems like a marriage made in heaven. Breyers’ Cinnabon ice cream contains cinnamon roll flavored ice cream with cinnamon swirl and dough pieces, which basically sounds like heaven in a bowl (or straight out of the carton). “Vanilla, meet cinnamon and dough,” the product description reads. “We teamed up with Cinnabon, one of our favorite treats, to create our bakery-inspired dessert — Breyers Cinnamon Cinnabon Frozen Dairy Dessert.”

It’s two desserts in one really. Although Breyers doesn’t say this is what they’ve done, I feel like this stuff will taste like whole Cinnabon cinnamon buns just chopped up and mixed in with some vanilla ice cream, which I am NOT complaining about. Cinnabon buns are a complete dessert on their own, of course, but adding ice cream to anything that’s warm and soft and cakey like that only elevates it to the next level.

It’s only just rolling out now. Unfortunately, Breyers Cinnabon ice cream isn’t available in all stores yet. It is listed on the Meijer website, so if you have one of those local to you, you may be in luck. However, this isn’t a Meijer exclusive or anything, so you should find this in your local grocery store soon.

In the meantime, you could always make your own? Hit up the mall for a Cinnabon or six, then grab a carton of Breyers vanilla ice cream on the way home and combine the two and you’re off! Hey, it should hold you over until the real deal hits the shelves.

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