Brian Laundrie’s Body ‘Scavanged’ By Wild Animals After He Shot Himself In The Head, Autopsy Reveals

Brian Laundrie’s Body ‘Scavanged’ By Wild Animals After He Shot Himself In The Head, Autopsy Reveals Instagram/gabspetito

Brian Laundrie’s body was “scavenged” and eaten by wildlife after he shot himself in the head, an autopsy report revealed. Following the murder of Laundrie’s girlfriend, Gabby Petito, police searched for Laundrie for weeks before his body was discovered in Florida in October 2021. Also discovered with his body was a hat belonging to Laundrie as well as a notebook in which he confessed to killing Petito.


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  1. There wasn’t much left of Laundrie when he was discovered by authorities. When they finally found him, the autopsy noted that all that was left were “apparent skeletal human remains that were scattered on top of the dirt ground in plain sight.” Police believed the remains to belong to Laundrie given the backpack and shoes found alongside the remains.
  2. The Sarasota Medical Examiner’s office released more details this week. The 47-page document revealed that Laundrie experienced “moderately extensive carnivore activity evidenced by multiple gouging and gnawing marks” on his body. “These areas are consistent with carnivores and/or omnivores including canines such as feral dogs and coyotes along with rodents and raccoons.”
  3. There was no sign of drug or alcohol use before his death. While deciding to take your own life by shooting yourself in the head isn’t a decision anyone would take lightly, it seems Laundrie ended his life while completely sober. After toxicology tests were run, there was no sign of drug use prior to his death.
  4. Police admitted this week that they made mistakes in the investigation. Prior to Petito’s murder, she and Laundrie were pulled over by Utah police on August 12 after a witness reported a domestic dispute. However, police failed to cite Petito for the encounter, Officers Eric Pratt and Daniel Robbins who attended the scene have since admitted that they shouldd have arrested Petito, who admitted being the aggressor. This could have saved her life.
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